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What Should I Pack in My Hospital Bag for Delivery?

What Should I Pack in My Hospital Bag for Delivery?

The time is drawing near and you are both excited and nervous, shit is about to get real, you think to yourself.  

GIRL you are so right...

I remember when my water broke for my first child.  I yelled to my mom, 'I think I peed in my bed... andddd I actually cannot stop peeing!  What's happening!?'

My mom lit up with the biggest smile.  'WE'RE GONNA HAVE A BABY TODAY', she yelled as she danced around like a lunatic.  

Hold the phone.  We?  

My husband and I watched her continue dancing and screaming while we exchanged looks of nervousness.

At this time, I didn't have a hospital bag packed, my hubby and I rushed off to the hospital and there were 2 things I immediately regretted.  

1.  Eat!  First labors 'seem' to take the longest.  My pre and active labor lasted about 18 hours, which is not uncommon.  They don't feed you when you check-in to the hospital for delivery.  Who would've thought!  

(I may have begged my besties to sneak me some Skittles)

2.  Pack a hospital bag!  There are some necessities you'll want to have, for yourself, baby, and your hubs if he plans on staying.  Here's what I wished I had:

Credit: keferkristin

  • Long Phone Charger - picture your hospital bed just a foot too far from the outlet ;)   Those beds are not moving... we tried.
  • Snacks - Beef jerky, popcorn, granola bars, fruit, heck pack a charcuterie plate in a cooler.  Make yourself happy, you earned it.
  • Nipple Cream - You literally cannot imagine how painful chapped nipples are.  If you plan to breastfeed, be prepared.
  • Chapstick + Lotion - Hospital air?  No idea why, but I was chapped from head to toe.  This may just be my experience, but better safe (and comfy) than sorry.
  • Comfy blanket + pillow - Those rough blankets and tiny pillows offer little comfort.  I like to walk in like they question if I ever plan on leaving.  Nothing like the comforts of home!
  • Slippers - Never thought to bring slippers for the cold hospital floors.  These became such a good idea!
  • Postpartum Undies - Despite the look, they are helpful!  I wish I had brought some to the hospital to swap with the big ole mesh ones they award you with post birth.  I will also state, I didn't think I would need them...
  • Down There Soothing Spray - OMG.  There is a lot to be said about postpartum smells, sensations, and irritations.  Post natural birth, this helps with all of those.
  • Toiletries - Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, shampoo, conditioner, all the usual suspects.  Some women bring their makeup too.  In hindsight, I did have my makeup bag with me!  I knew those newborn photos were coming and I was going to be primped.
  • Books - If you're a book lover, you should have some time to dig into a goodie.  Checkout the bestsellers list if you're looking for a new read.
  • Comfy outfit to leave the hospital - Emphasis on comfy.  Like a toga?  Kidding, but consider what type of birth you're having.  Natural births you will probably be a bit sore down low, my suggestion would be yoga pants.  For c-sections, you'll have a sore tummy, think of a loose dress or something that has a forgiving waistband.
For baby:
  • Car seat - I'd suggest putting it in your car before heading to the hospital.  The staff will make sure it's securely fastened before driving home.
  • Coming home outfit - For many, this is their favorite part!  Shop for the perfect newborn outfit + hat for going home pictures.  Check the link for some beautiful options.  Etsy also has some great ones!
  • Blanket - Cozy blanket, because it is my assumption that the cozier the blanket the better they sleep ;)

For dad:

  • He's on his own, just kidding...
  • Charger, phone, computer 
  • Books
  • Snacks
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • One mom/nurse reached out to mention that they need to wash their feet and wear clean socks 🤣 No toe jam in small places, ya heard?

The biggest miracle is soon to be in your arms, buckle up!  This list is to help make life easy and ensure you are well prepared for your big day.  

We are cheering for you, ma. 


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