About us

Ahoy, mama.

I'm so glad you're here.  My name is Karin, and I initially started Lenny Lemons as a way to get out of my in laws house.  (It's a long story, bring wine and we'll do the long version.)

You see, LL was a dream for me.  It was freedom, hope, and a way to take care of my 5 kids.  It was a way to build something bigger than myself, to employ and support other moms, and a way to show my kids what's possible, even when I doubted myself.

It started as a small and amateur business and quickly grew to a company serving customers internationally.  (Bring more wine for more details ;)   In our short 2 years of being a company, we've happily served more than 110,000 customers and are continually growing.  UM, high five to you 110K mamas.

We are so STOKED to be here serving you.  We love our mom tribe, laughing at the WTF moments and embracing the beautiful ones.  Motherhood is a journey that nobody can anticipate and is best experienced.  

Thanks for being apart of our tribe and our journey.  We promise to make you laugh, smile, and cheer you on along the way.  

Xx, Karin and team Lenny

Karin IG: @karincypriano

Lenny Lemons IG: @lennylemons