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You Know You're a Millennial Mom When...

You Know You're a Millennial Mom When...

Millennial mom.

You are lazy, entitled, and eat avocado toast all day long from swag indie cafes.  Right?  

Oh, society.  That's not us.

The millennial stereotype earns some merit, but millennial moms, on the other hand, we are misunderstood.  

We are multi-taskers, we are curious, we are dreamers, we are protectors, we love convenience, we love purpose and passion, we are more than slightly badass and we don't feel old, or entitled, or lazy.

And scratch the avocado toast, convenience is key and if that's it's not popping out of a Starbucks drive-thru or food delivery app, the chances of getting some just went down to about 0%.  

The millennial generation is currently the strongest presence in the workforce and the majority of mothers. 

Things are different though.

As a generation that grew up with technology and the emergence of social media, things have changed.  

For starters, there are more job opportunities for moms whether she's a stay at home mom or a career mom out of the house. 

What was an 'influencer' 20 years ago?  

The world is a-changin' and millennial moms are here in full force.  Here's who we are:

You know you're a millennial mom when:

1. Designer yoga pants are the equivalent of dressing up.

2. You can't live without convenience. Netflix, Sunbasket, Uber, Amazon Prime, Warby Parker, the list goes on.

3. You don't feel like a f*cking mom.  

4. Okay, you sometimes feel like a f*cking mom but you feel like you are way cooler than your mother was at this age.

5. You sway back and forth between things like rules, budgets, schedules, consistency and F*CK IT ALL, YOLO!!! Kids get in the car we're going on a road trip!

6. You read things like How to Not Raise Asshole Kids

7. You and your kids listen to the same music. And you teach them there's more to life like Tupac, Biggie, Salt N Peppa, and Dre.

8. You get annoyed at people for always being on their phone all day even though your screen time for the day was 8 hours 22 minutes

9. Traditional anything is boring AF. Clothes, trips, conversations, photo ops, you love to be different.

10. You know you're a great f*cking mom even if you do things differently than your mom did.

11. Movies like the Sandlot, Goonies, Home Alone, and Hook are required movie nights in your house.

12. Twinning or family dress codes happen, a lot. You buy things like mom and me beanies or matching family swimwear because you like to show off your squad.

13. You select playdates based on which moms you like best. Or can drink wine with.  

14. Let's take a family picture means, I want to show us off on INSTA.  'Hurry up and smile, it won't take long, awe come on, I'll give you a treat!'

15. You wonder why they don't have a babysitting service at Costco and Target yet. Really, why though?

16. Your child has an iPad

17. You are an influencer or have a blog.  Or, you are thinking about starting a blog/becoming an influencer.

18. The purpose of life is to have fun. You're always planning the next getaway, road trip, or adventure.

19. Your child dresses better than most adults. 

20. You need a mom timeout for friends or staying centered.  Regularly. 

21.  You don't want to be sold.  It's just annoying. Friend referrals > advertising all day long.

22. You google or youtube absolutely everything.  Kids illnesses, best travel spots, keto recipes, fun date ideas for hubby, what to do if you accidentally shove two tampons up there.  All of it.

What else would you add to the list?  Over and out millennial mama, time to takeover the world.

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