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The Best Marriage Hack

The Best Marriage Hack

My husband and I got into a rut at one point. We would go on our weekly date night which meant we would get dressed up and go to dinner. We would enjoy a meal without kids, then come home.

Usually the kids weren’t asleep (because, pretty much, no one can get our kids to bed other than us! And a lot of times they’ll stay awake and wait for us) so then we would put our kids to bed and usually we would be so tired by the time they were asleep, we would go to bed.

Or let’s be honest, we would have sex but it was more of a quickie because it was now very late, the kids took longer than we thought to take to bed, and our glass of wine that had us feeling all sexy at dinner wore off leaving us sleepy.

When did we get so damn old? Life revolves around the kids and their schedules and now we need to go to the early bird specials if we want to have time together at night?!

I finally said to my husband, “I’m sick of date night. It’s so boring. Let’s do a day date.” 

He was all for it.

So that Saturday we had breakfast with the kids and asked his mom come watch them. We headed out to the beach, had lunch, played frisbee, laid out and made out…a lot.

It was like when we were dating, or newly married. Since then we have done a lot of day dates.

Sometimes we’ll get a massage, or go paddle boarding, rent a boat at the lake, go on a bike ride, layout at the beach, get lunch and drinks and walk around a beach city…the list is endless.

The perks of a day date:

  1. No more monotonous “dinner and a movie” dates.
  2. You spend the day together and enjoy the sunshine. Sunshine helps you produce serotonin which makes you happy. And happy people have more fun together.
  1. The kids get to bed on time. *cue the sexy time music* and u can pour a glass of wine at home and have a long steamy night together. Your endorphins will be so high from your daytime playtime that you’ll be dying to get in bed together *wink face* it’s like two dates in one day because you had the daytime together and when the kids are in bed you have an at-home date night.
  2. You enjoy activities you used to do before you had kids. And instead of entertaining the kids, you get to act like kids again! We’ve tried: surfing together, swimming, laser tag, goofy golfing, the trampoline park etc.
  3. It’s usually cheaper. Fancy dinners add up but walking around the beach and getting ice cream together is so cheap! It’s the time you spend together that makes it fun.
  4. Your babysitter will be happy they don’t have to put the kids to bed and they can tire them out playing!
  5. You truly feel like you don’t have kids for a little bit. It’s such a nice break and makes you feel young again. Reminisce on your dating days while you recreate some memories.
  6. You mix things up and add laughter and joy to your marriage. You can even trade off planning the day and surprising each other.

There are so many perks to a daytime playtime! Try it and trust me, you’ll bring so much more romance back into your marriage.

Too many things are monotonous and boring as we get older. Your 9-5 job, your kid's schedules, even the meals we make its all a routine. It’s so nice to add that spice back to your relationship and mix it up.

What would your ideal day date be? Give me some fun ideas!!

Lishele Wigand


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