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Shit, is it Our Anniversary Today?

Shit, is it Our Anniversary Today?

We missed our 5th anniversary.

I remember shortly after getting married talking to my hubs about what we would do for our 5th wedding anniversary. There were talks of Bali, Europe, Australia, or anywhere we wanted to check off the bucket list. But it would be magical. What a big event it would be. It seemed like a monumental day. Five solid years of marriage, yes it would be big.

Should we invite family and friends? What would our weekend consist of? Should we dance to Lil John or Ludacris? Would they be willing to fly across the planet for our fun event? Of course, we thought, it was going to be epic.  

We talked about what life would look like in five years. Would we have more kids? Where would we live? Would he have gray hair? Would I still laugh at my own jokes?  

The wedding itself was a blur. Everything seemed to buzz by so fast and then it was done. What a magical day, but why does it come and go so quickly? We wanted to do it again, slower and over the course of a few days.  

So, the plans were set. Something epic. Five years down the road, ready, break.


Yesterday morning I was calling schools to find out about registration and all the glory for the upcoming startup of the new school year. I was trying to keep up with her talking quickly and suddenly, she caught me off guard.  

"What did you just say", I blurted out.

"I said it's July 24 so you don't have much time to get your paperwork in", she replied sounding annoyed.

"Oh my gosh I've gotta go, thank you!", I shouted back.

It was July 24, 2019.

It was our five year anniversary and I totally forgot. Did he remember? Surely not. I wondered if he had been plotting something secretive and magical for us. I tried to piece the upcoming weekend together wondering if it were possible that he had actually remembered and was trying to surprise me.


I called him and sang him a unique rendition of 'happy anniversary' instead of happy birthday. You know, same jingle, different words to make him feel like a big shot. It was a regular conversation. He told me happy anniversary and he loved me, hung up and went back to work.  

The big fifth wedding anniversary.

How could I forget? What happened to those big plans? Is this what happens when you are married?  


It seemed like such a great idea before and made me a bit sad that I hadn't planned anything. It was a big day after all.

Then I realized something.  

Five years later, we are still married. We've got loads of things to smile about and be grateful for. And the fact we forgot our anniversary speaks to our real vision of marriage after the wedding day.

Having a family. Populating the world with our love and jokes on a bigger scale.

So I'm not sad that we forgot the infamous fifth anniversary. I'm grateful we have the life we do, the laughter, the chaos, and the imperfection. I'm glad I've got a husband that forgets one day in the year but treats me like a queen every day. I'm grateful for being married to somebody who grows with me, challenges me, laughs with me and wipes my tears when the stress becomes too much. I'm grateful for the changes and becoming better partners for one another since getting married. I'm grateful for the never-ending love and support he offers morning, noon, and night. I'm grateful that he gives me massages with a smile whether I just ask politely or pretend like I could possibly be dying.

So, you sneaky fifth anniversary, I'm just as happy. I don't mind that we weren't in Bali or on the moon. Turns out, home was great too. Besides, in life, you make your own rules. We'll just celebrate our 5 year anniversary anytime until the 6th one.

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