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Top 10 Baby Products on Amazon Right Now

Top 10 Baby Products on Amazon Right Now

Amazon Prime is Gods gift to moms.  I suppose its a gift to rest of the world too, but moms, yeah this convenience is unbeatable.  That gives us more time to kick our feet up and watch Netflix obviously.😉

Do they offer nannys on Amazon yet?  Oh my gosh, what if we could order a nanny for like 2 hours as easily as we can order our toilet paper stash.  Oh my gosh, Becky. 👀

I was browsing through Amazon earlier and discovered all the popular baby products and was really surprised actually.  I expected stuff like diapers, formula, and washcloths, but instead, I didn't find any of those.

 As moms, we share the goods like it's our job.  It's like we all took an oath while in the delivery room that we'd all look out for one another 🙌🏽

As promised, here are the top 10 products for babies right now:

1. Stoller organizer

  • This stroller organizer looks awesome, we get it.  If you've ever tried strollin' down the block with your baby, you know there is not adequate space for your stuff.  Who designed strollers after all?  We've tried a handful and they either lack cell phone space, a cup holder, pockets, or general holding space for a purse or belongings.  This just makes sense and is obviously a popular choice for parents.

 2. Blooming Bath

  • I actually hated baby bathtubs so much I would give them away if we were gifted one.  They were so bulky and rigid, I just didn't like them.  This blooming bath, we haven't personally tried, but I love the idea of it.  It folds up easily and can be put away which makes it perfect for even smaller living areas.  It also looks comfortable for the baby, not like those terrible clunky plastic ones.  This looks great and I can see why it's so popular.

3. Haaka Manual Breast Pump

  • I didn't breastfeed for long, but I can see why this would be a top choice.  Sometimes when you're feeding, your other breast will leak.  This is for that leaky breast so you can collect the extra milk instead of wasting it.  Brilliant!  

4. Flappy the Elephant Animated Plush Toy

  • This adorable elephant sings and plays and could possibly provide the perfect entertainment (we mean distraction) for your little one.  The surface is washable, super smart job making this toy.

5. Clear plastic corner protectors

  • This one is not new or exciting, but it could save some trips to the hospital.  Round of applause!  These are the top choice for moms right now in baby safety.  We never did the easy route of just buying these, instead we chased our children around the house like lunatics.  Sometimes we like a good challenge I guess 🤣

6. Forehead and Ear Thermometer

  • Your baby will get sick, probably more than you'd expect.  This handy little tool will tell you when that fever gets too high and you should head to the hospital.    It's great for peace of mind and I can see why it's a popular product purchase for parents.  Um, tongue twister right there!

7. Baby Banz Earmuffs

  • These awesome little earmuffs are the perfect size for your babys head.  They'll protect their little ears from loud noises and are great for things like concerts, Fourth of July, or loud siblings 😉

8. Baby handprint kit

  • This adorable handprint kit is pretty cute.  You can save those little hands and feet forever and create a picture out of it.  I love this idea for grandparents as a gift too!

9. First Years stack up cups

  • If you don't know this yet, it's almost inevitable that your baby will not pay attention to any toy you buy them.  It can be adorable, soft, fluffy, fun, whatever you think it is, but they almost always go for random kitchen items instead. 🤷🏼‍♀️  These cups are perfect!  They could fit right into the random kitchen category, they're colorful, and they're inexpensive.  A baby 'toy' win and something I would actually buy.

10. Backseat Organizer

  • A boring thing to talk about, but a great thing to have.  Stay organized folks, it'll keep you sane in the car.  I can see this being really helpful for older babies when they have toys, snacks, cups, etc.  Either way, popular for a reason (sanity!).

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