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10 Products to Help the Breastfeeding Mama

10 Products to Help the Breastfeeding Mama

So, you've decided to breastfeed, great! Mothers along the way have paved the path and come up with some great products for an easier and more comfortable feeding session. We are hooked on a handful of them and are excited to share them with you!

You know the age ole debate.  Not everybody is able or interested in breastfeeding.   Either way, a fed baby is what ultimately matters!   Nursing does promote some undeniably great benefits for both mom and baby.  Here's what WebMD has to say...

Breastfed babies overall experience:

  • Ideal nutrition
  • Easier digestion
  • Lower risk for sickness
  • Lower risk for asthma and allergies
  • Increased sense of security from physical contact

Breastfeeding mothers overall experience:

  • Faster loss of baby weight
  • Lowered risk of breast cancer
  • Uterus retracts back to pre-pregnancy size faster
  • Saves money! No need for formula, bottles, etc
  • Lots of bonding with baby

When it comes to breastfeeding, there's been an incredible evolution of helpful products to allow for a swift and comfortable feeding session with your mini. Here are our absolute favs:  


1. Earth Mama Nipple Butter

  • Let's discuss chapped body parts. What adjectives come to mind? Painful, burning, constant irritation, the list goes on right? Chapped nipples hurt even worse.  This isn't to scare you, this is a DANG I wish somebody would've told me so I could've been more prepared. My nipples hurt so bad I cried and really wanted to quit nursing. Do yourself a favor, get the cream!

2. Nursing Pillow

  • We asked our Insta tribe just how important nursing pillows were and the responses were quite hysterical. Many moms admitted to passing on these initially, not understanding just how helpful they'd be. Nursing is a bit of a workout if you're not prepared! Many moms said they got great at stuffing pillows in place to nurse, which you can also do! To simplify life, grab yourselves one of these. PS: They sell alternative covers also for an easy change.

3. Nursing Co             

6. Nursing Dress

  • Finding a good nursing dress that's flattering AND cute, okay that can be tough. It seems like stores are catching onto the fact that we the pregnant or nursing moms would love to feel sexy too! Stores like Target and Old Navy are stepping up their maternity game. Starting the slow clap over here. Our favorite overall dress happens to be this beauty. Comfort, style, and ease of nursing all intact. She's bringing sexy back!

7. The Fourth Trimester Book

  • Postpartum can be difficult to navigate sometimes. Everything seems new and well, different because it is! This is a beautiful book written about how to grow and flourish after delivery. "This book majorly validates a mother's intuitive knowing (because we really do know these things!) but also helps move that intuition into clear actionable steps to build real, tangible support during this critical time." - Book review.  

8. Nursing Pads

  • Breastfeeding will bring up some interesting and unusual bodily activities. Ahem, cue the leaky boobs! This, although normal, can get embarrassing in public if you aren't wearing some trusty nursing pads. They come in disposable or not, we like these bamboo washable ones best.

9. Rocking Chair

  • While nursing, your baby will often be the most content, comfortable little human on the planet. That is living their best life, after all. As a mom, however, it's not always the most comfortable. Sometimes you'll be stuck in an awkward slouching position for a while that ends up in back pain and bad posture. This rocking chair steps up as the perfect antidote, allowing you to sit back and feed with absolute ease and comfort.

10. Nursing Gel Packs

  • These little gel packs are incredible helpers for sore breasts. These are great to just pop in your bra and be on your way. Nobody even has to know! Bonus, these are great to keep in the freezer for injuries, post vaccination doctor visits, scratches, or discomfort. You can use these forever and for the upcoming toddler years, best to keep these handy!

There you have it! Our favorite breastfeeding products for 2019. It's best to remember in the end to keep the main thing the main thing. Keep up the good work and keep that beautiful little baby fed, we're cheering you on!

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