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Top 10 Baby + Kids Clothing Stores for 2019

Top 10 Baby + Kids Clothing Stores for 2019

Finding trendy baby and kids clothes these days can be tricky. It seems like we're stuck in the '50s for some of the stores out there. Live in the now! (name that movie quote).

Most millennial parents are over the pastel jumpsuits, the old school animals patches sewn on, or clothing that looks too darn baby-ish. Either that or you're shopping the same stores and selections that every other mom is shopping through and that's just no fun either. You can't show up to play dates in the same jumpsuit as all the other kids!

News flash for baby clothing companies, our taste has evolved as parents and we need more trendy baby clothing options. We like modern, stylish, and cool. We'd like to small our small humans in outfits that match our style as parents. Rompers, jumpsuits, cool basics, simple prints. We know what we like.

Here's a list of some of our favorite kid's brands and boutiques online that are doing it right. All of them carry trendy and unique clothing for babies and toddlers, some for older kids too!  


H&M is all around awesome for clothing for the entire family. Since we're talking about kids and baby clothing here, we'll stick to those ;) H&M is a giant clothing company that offers new prints and designs regularly. They offer a European flare and some serious swag to their everyday outfits. Here you're guaranteed to score some fun finds for your mini and the best part... their prices. Here are a few things they offer:

  • Baby clothing
  • Toddler clothing
  • Kids socks
  • Kids accessories
  • Trendy baby formalwear
  • Special occasion outfits for kids
  • Basics for babies

What we ❤️most: Unique and inexpensive baby clothes

Find their website here

Janie & Jack

Janie and Jack is baby clothing company that is owned by the Gap. While the Gap has a lot of basics and little variety, Janie and Jack does really well in creating fun baby outfits. They've always got new pieces coming out and have really identified with millennial moms for their unique style of clothing. Here are a few things they offer:

  • Baby tops
  • Baby bottoms
  • Baby knitwear
  • Baby swimwear
  • Baby accessories
  • Trendy toddler clothing
  • Trendy teenager clothing

What we ❤️most: Kids dresses and blazers for toddler boys

Find their website here

Cotton: On Kids

Cotton on has swag. They've got a cool history from the founder throwing together some denim jackets in the back of his van about 30 years ago in Australia. Today, they have thousands of stores internationally and have a super unique brand. We are obsessed with their tees of Snoop Dogg. Tupac, Foo Fighters, and Ice Cube. They carry a variety of items today, here are a few:

  • Newborn essentials
  • Jackets and Coats
  • Kids leggings
  • Baby clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Dresses
  • Overalls

    What we ❤️most: hands down their rap tees

    Find their website here

    Alex & Alexa

    This brand offers a great variety of designer clothing for baby babies and children. No only do they have a good selection, but they offer clothing for toddlers and teenagers as well. For designer clothing you will pay more, but they often have sales that'll score you some pretty solid bargains. Here are a few things they offer:

    • Baby clothing
    • Toddler boy and girl clothing
    • Shoes
    • Socks
    • Bags
    • Athletic wear for kids
    • Baby accessories

    What we ❤️most: Tons of options, their sales

    Find their website here

    Zara Kids

    If you don't know Zara, you're in for a treat! They are a giant clothing company based out of Mexico that has some of the best fashion on the planet. They offer clothing for men, women, teenagers, toddlers, and babies, the whole family is covered. Zara has a European style to it, great prices, and a constant new variety of clothing, you'll always find something you love. Here are a few items they offer today:

    • Baby clothing
    • Toddler clothing
    • Kids shoes
    • Kids accessories
    • Baby accessories
    • Kids swimwear
    • Kids coats and jackets

    What we ❤️most: Variety and prices

    Find their website here

    Oh Baby

    We are big cheerleaders for mom owned brands! This one stuck out and we adore the unique baby clothing they offer. Mary, the founder is a creative genius and handcrafts the items from their retail locations in Minnesota. Talk about unique and go Mary! Here are some items they offer today:

    • Baby clothing
    • Toddler clothing
    • Baby shoes
    • Baby accessories
    • Baby hats
    • Kid backpacks
    • Kid purses

    What we ❤️most: The vintage rompers, and I love my mom toddler tees

    Find their website here


    Melijoe is the Net-A-Porter of kids. Its undeniable style was founded by a mother from Paris nearly 15 years ago that had a passion for fashion. She saw the market didn't offer many options for kids and decided to do something about it. She's created an international brand for little fashionistas around the world and carries over 150 designer brands in her well respected lineup. They offer designer clothing for babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. Here are a few things they offer today:

    • Baby and kid shoes
    • Kids backpacks
    • Baby and toddler dresses
    • Children's hats
    • Designer baby clothing
    • Designer toddler clothing
    • Designer young adult clothing
    • Baby accessories

    What we ❤️most: So many unique options, designer prints

    Find their website here

    Lenny Lemons

    Lenny Lemons is a trendy baby brand that caters to the millennial mom. It's us! The founder is a mom of 5 and wanted to both find better clothes for her kids and start a business to help her financially struggling family. Lenny Lemons offers a variety of baby and toddler clothing as well as their popular designer diaper bag backpacks and 'mom and me beanies'. Here's what they offer today:

    What we ❤️most: The unique baby clothes + spacious diaper bag backpacks

    Find the website here

    or see what's available on Amazon here

    Finn & Emma

    Finn & Emma is an company that is all about organic, safe, and sustainable products for your little ones. They offer clothing for newborns up to 4T for toddlers. They offer some seriously cute prints that we cannot get enough of as well as some nursery decor. Their heirloom swings are INSTA worthy and have been the talk of millennial moms since they came out. Here are a few items they offer:

    • Organic baby and toddler clothing
    • Swings
    • Rockers
    • Play gyms
    • Big Buddy stuffed toys
    • Pacifier holders
    • Organic baby blankets
    • Headbands

    What we ❤️most: The nursery decor and the toddler tees

    You can find their website here

    or find them here on Amazon

    Copper Pearl

    Copper Pearl is an adorable baby accessory brand that was started by two moms in search of modern baby accessories. We love Copper Pearl, they really speak to the modern mom and design some of the best prints we've seen. They started with a variety of triangular bandana bib sets with trendy prints then added started adding to their inventory. Today they carry all of these items:

    • Breastfeeding Covers
    • Burp Cloths
    • Newborn top knot hats
    • Fitted Crib sheets
    • Swaddle blankets
    • Thick baby quilts
    • Washcloths
    • Muslin bath robes
    • Diaper changing pad covers

    What we ❤️most: The prints, sets, and prices.  

    You can find their website here

    or find them here on Amazon

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