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Motherhood is Tough, I'm Done Giving a F***

Motherhood is Tough, I'm Done Giving a F***

Let's start a trend, shall we?  It's called I'm done giving a f***.

This isn't a blog that's supposed to look or sound cool and yes my grammar sucks.  It's message over matter and frankly... I don't give a f***.  Do you see what I did there?

Here's the beef.  Every single thing that occurs all day long is an opportunity for judgment.  I look like shit today, I wonder if my kid's teachers will think I'm a terrible parent, is the\ grocery checkout person judging my damn groceries, NO IT'S NOT ORGANIC, I didn't shower this morning... I wonder if the babysitter can tell, etc. 


There's too much s*** to worry about.  

Its a nonstop cycle of trying to please everybody or trying to justify our own actions to validate ourselves. 

There's way too much to worry about and it all exists in our heads.  Here's a cool trick I learned recently. 

I was at a conference last week and the speaker was talking about useless worry.  Apparently, dudes have it too.   Cat is out of the bag.

Back to it.  So... it's this, he said he too worries about life, his business, kids, of course, the wife... we all know how crazy they can be 🙊

'Is it useful', he asks himself.  

I thought, huh I was expecting something more profound, maybe something with more profanity.  How can this help me!?

Think about it though.  We worry all day long, we anticipate stuff like it's our job (sometimes it is), and we can straight up get to sweating for no real reason.  Is it useful?

Do you really give a F*** what Samantha says about your choice of workout?  Or that Allison is now gluten-free and of course you should be too?  Or that Claire has never co-slept with her child and you're ridiculous for letting your little one into your bed.  Or maybe you are worried that your mom thinks you should have more veggies on your children's plates?

I've worried a boatload and I understand all the things above.  I think about all of it and it makes you want to do a front flip into your cozy bed and never get out from under your blanket.  There are too many people to please damnit!

Is it useful? 

HAIL TO THE NO.  You are doing a fabulous job.  I know this because you're still continuing to read this, the fact that you care says it all 🙌🏽

You are beautiful, badass, and smart.  You have instincts and intuition, and you know your child better than anybody.  Don't sweat the judgment!  It's a work in progress and I too always course correct.  

Newsflash, we all are!

I do know wholeheartedly that you've got this.  You're doing it, you're doing your best, and for that... everybody around you is better off!  

Cheering you on always.

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