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Your Career Is Not Over Because You Are A Mom

Your Career Is Not Over Because You Are A Mom

When I got pregnant, I thought this was the beginning of the end of my career. How could I do both? How could I make sure I didn’t suck as a Mom but also didn’t drop the ball from my work and clients? No this isn’t going to be one of those posts that says ‘work-life balance’, etc. etc. I’m sharing a few tips on how your heart can feel a little less torn between work and home and know that it’s possible to do both successfully. You can still have a career and be a kick-ass Mom.
Your Career Is Not Over Because You Are A Mom by The Everyday Vogue

Your Career Is Not Over Because You Are A Mom

Create Boundaries and Stick to Them

Before I became a Mom, I was at my clients beck-and-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The truth is that was excessive and I created those expectations. It was up to me to retrain my client's expectations just as I had set them. My time with my kids is limited and precious. I rarely – unless it’s exceptionally urgent – will take a step away from them to answer an email. It can wait until after the kids go to bed or nap.

Utilize Efficiencies

Efficiencies come in all shapes and sizes. For me, I use apps, pose questions to my Mom Tribe {aka a handful of go-to Mamas who I trust} and quite simply ask for help. This doesn’t make you incapable of juggling both, it actually makes you capable of handling and it’s a necessity.

A father is kissing his son.

It’s Okay That Work is a Priority

Things will ebb and flow right? There are times I have to travel and I hate being away from my babies, but I always tell them that I’m going away for a moment only to make our lives better. It sucks, it hurts and I will never downplay the gut-wrenching feelings I have when I leave them, but I know they will understand one day.

Mom Time Vs Work Time

Let’s be honest, being a parent is a 24/7 job, but there are times where we can turn the volume down slightly aka when we are at work. This doesn’t make us bad parents, this makes us efficient parents and the key is to truly trust in your caretakers – whomever they may be – daycare/nanny/family. Be there for the most important moments and you won’t miss a thing.

Your Career Is Not Over Because You Are A Mom by The Everyday Vogue

It Takes a Village and That’s a Damn Good Thing

They say it takes a village, right? It’s because it does. We want our kids to not only be developing communication skills with us but to be able to adapt and thrive among others around them. Eddie and I always talk about how amazing it is that the Twins have their own, special relationships outside of us that includes teachers, grandparents, etc. Whether you have a nanny or your kids go to daycare, socialization is important, so don’t fret.

Be In It To Win It

What do I mean? The truth is we cannot be in two places at once and if we focus too much on how torn our hearts are, it’s overwhelming. Please please please know that just because you are at work, doesn’t mean you love your kids any less or that they think their nanny is their new Mommy. Give 100% of your attention to work while at work and shift gears to be 100% on Mom time while at home. Yes, there are exceptions, but if you shift your mentality, it will help you sleep better at night.

Persephone Maglaya's twins

I feel like I have to close with this – it’s okay to want to advance in your career. It’s okay to be a stay at home Mama and also it’s okay to work full-time. Your kids will know that you love them if you just make your time filled with love and quality.

How do you juggle the two?



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