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You Did What?!  Funny Story About How Much You Should Tell Your Kids

You Did What?! Funny Story About How Much You Should Tell Your Kids

Our oldest son is 8 years old.  He's super charming, inquisitive, curious, confident, and humorous.  He seems to be the most 'By the Book' and hates when anybody is upset with him or disappointed.  He's the uniter.

On the flip side, the same child is a total typical older brother.  Despite all mentioned above, he's one of the biggest instigators and has mastered how to effectively piss off his siblings at any given moment.  Who does he most like to terrorize, his little brother of course. 

Last week, for some reason he and I were talking about booby traps.  HAHA, yes you heard right.  He likes to ask questions of my childhood because for the most part I let it rip with stories, good and bad, he gets the best laughs from them.  

So, booby traps....

Growing up I had lots of sisters and a brother, of course I knew how to set them. 

It's called survival.

A few days ago, I had just finished showering the kids and brought my daughter into the boys room to help them jump into their pajamas.  

Naturally, I laid her on her brother's bed and it just so happened that there was a big fluffy body pillow right on top, perfect to rest her on for a second.  

The second I laid her down, I noticed some liquid squish up from the pillow around her.  UM, interesting... the boys had literally walked in the room ahead of us and went to their dressers, nobody had even sat on the bed yet.  

Next up, the smell test.  

UGHHHHHHHHH.  HOW IN THE HELL?!  PEE?!!  Detective mom was on the move instantly and calling out the kids one by one.  

'Wasn't me mom, not me either!' 

Well both of the babies wear diapers, the older 2 boys both said no and the only one left wouldn't have an accident on a pillow.  Right?

"Do you know anything about this pillow," I yelled to my oldest son.

He creeped out from the other room trying to hold in a giant smile and started laughing hysterically.  

"Mom, put it back!  Hurry!"  

"What in the heck?  In my head I was sticking up for you and now I'm wondering how the hell you had an accident on your brother's pillow?"

"Mommmmmmmmm... you're gonna ruin it!  Remember when we talked about booby traps?!  Well, this is my first one and it's such a good one, he's going to bed after his shower and well... you know," he yelled way too excitedly.


I mean, at this point I'm mad but I'm also amused.  The kid never gets in trouble but had the nerve to pee on the pillow and beg to leave it there?!

"Um, ok... let's stick to funny booby traps from now on, and ones without pee or anything else that comes out of your body for that matter," was all I could come up with.  "Hey, are you even listening to me, why are you smiling?!"

"Mom if you let me do this now I won't booby trap him for like a whole year," he said.


I'm still at a crossroads between impressed and disgusted.  I mean, being the oldest of 5 I know he's busy plotting. 

So, my question to you.  Do you tell your kids your stories of childhood or not?  Are you a hider (because we definitely need them to know we were absolutely perfect) or are you more of the 'I did it all' kid, try me kinda mom?

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