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Hidden baby food ingredient making your baby miserable?

Hidden baby food ingredient making your baby miserable?

There's nothing more defeating than seeing your baby uncomfortable, especially when you just cannot pinpoint the problem. You try switching formulas, but it seems like one is only slightly better, if anything at all. That little helpless cry is heart-wrenching and you mama, are desperate to help them feel better.


I bottled fed all 5 of my kids.  Looking back at when we had fussy babies, constipation, and tummy discomfort, I wonder how much of it was attributed to the formula they were drinking.  In the end, we probably used a dozen different formulas between all of them.


Breastfeeding moms, stay out of this one, yes we all realize your golden nipples produce the best food for a baby.  Not everybody has that luxury and others, choose not to breastfeed.  This discussion is about formula, which formula is the best for babies?


We teamed up with our friends at Organic Formula Store for some information on the differences between the USA formula and European formula.  They had my full attention and it was information I wish I had when I was formula feeding years ago.  Here's what they said:


Did you know that there’s one hidden ingredient in almost all baby formulas that is most often used and most responsible for making your baby or toddler miserable (and making your job as a parent *much* harder).


That hidden ingredient is sugar.


Most formulas (even so called “Organic” top selling ones) list it as the #1 or #2 ingredient which means it’s what the formula has the most of. 

 Of course, it’s not listed as “sugar” on the box. Instead, it goes by the fancy name “corn maltodextrin”.


You can think of it as the powdered version of high fructose corn syrup.


Here are some of the side-effects:

  • Messy/smelly/frequent diaper changes with bright, unnatural looking stools.
  • Reflux and constipation because their digestive systems aren’t equipped to handle this foreign substance
  • Near constant fussiness and crying because their bodies feel so uncomfortable as they try to digest it
  • Difficulty falling/staying asleep (have you ever seen a 5-year-old try to fall asleep after eating a cupcake?)


The problems it can create are not just short-term though.


It’s linked to a wide range of diseases, from small problems like canker sores and cavities to life-threatening illnesses like heart disease and cancer.


There is even some research being done to investigate the link between babies consuming high sugar formulas and developing diabetes later in life.


In fact, a FASEB (The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology - the US non-profit focused on the field of biological and medical research) study showed that babies exposed to junk food in the womb were significantly more likely to be obese adults.


In other words, babies who are fed formula with so much corn syrup have their bodies programmed with unhealthy eating habits.


Since there are no laws in the USA stopping companies from cramming formula with cheap corn-based sweeteners, most US-based formulas use it lavishly.


Well then what are my options, you ask?


Here's what we've found.


In Germany specifically, the baby formula labeled as “organic” legally can’t have any artificial sugars.


In fact, by law, German tested baby formula cannot contain ANYTHING other than what science has shown to be absolutely essential for your baby’s natural and healthy development.


Which is why we offer parents formula made by HiPP; they may be the most respected name in organic baby food in the world.


HiPP Formula has been shown to be the absolute closest to mother’s milk in the world. In fact, it’s called “Nature’s Next Purest Option to Breastfeeding”.  Does this mean the bottle/breastfeeding debate will finally end?!  🏆


You can tell because a baby’s diaper on HiPP looks almost identical to a baby’s diaper on mother’s milk. Stool samples anyone?


The Formula Store is offering a discount code for our tribe.  (WEEEE!)  

Use the code Lenny15 for a special treat.


What has been your experience with formula?  Has switching helped you?  What's changed for your baby?


Cheering you on always mama.  





*This is an article sponsored by Organic Formula Store.  We are grateful to partner only with companies that are aligned and support our community.

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