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Dear Mama, You Are Beautiful, Appreciate Your Mom Bod

Dear Mama, You Are Beautiful, Appreciate Your Mom Bod

You. Just. Birthed. A. Human. Being.

That’s amazing.

That should be celebrated!

When you stop to think about it, the act of giving birth (whichever way you were
able to do it) is incredible.

In my opinion, moms are real life super heros.

So why in the world do we lose focus on our little miracle, and put it on the idea of “bouncing back”?

Babies are babies for such a short time period.

Momma, enjoy that tiny bundle of joy (and all those sweet snuggles), and know your new body is nothing short of miraculous.

There will be plenty of time to get in a workout once everybody is getting more sleep, and once your tiny human is on the move.

I am honestly more comfortable in my skin today than I was pre-baby.

For me, it’s all about perspective.

I look at my baby and feel so blessed to be his momma, and I am so thankful that I was able to carry him in my womb.

I look at my older son and have the exact same feelings.

I don’t focus on bouncing back, because I don’t want to go back.

I am proud of who being my boys’ mom has helped me become.

I am thankful for the journey (and it has definitely been a journey) of momma hood.

I am proud of my body and thankful for what is was capable of.

I look at my new hips and genuinely think, “Get it, girl!”

When I see other parts of my body that now look different, I don’t view them as needing to be fixed.

Why would I fix something that gave me my two sons and that allowed me to supply them with everything they needed? (Yes, I’m talking about boobs here. More specifically post nursing boobs. Some may see sagging raisins. My husband? He sees boobs. Me? I see two hard-working ladies.)

As a mom of two, I will admit that I have felt the pressure of “getting my pre-baby
body back.”

This pressure comes from all around.

There are workouts designed just to help you do this very thing.

People tell you to breastfeed, not because of the benefits the baby receives (though I am of the mindset that FED is best), but because it helps burn the calories that will get you back into your skinny jeans.

Celebrities grace the covers of magazines with articles addressing how they got their body back as early as six months post baby. (Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.)

At six months postpartum, I was still consuming my daily large Chick-FIl-A milkshake because YOLO.

And also sleep deprivation…momma needs her afternoon pick-me-up.

This pressure to bounce back also comes from well-meaning friends and family.

“Have you started working out yet,” they say with a smile.

When all they really need to ask is if they can bring by a milkshake! (The answer would always be – Yes! Vanilla please!)

I am not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to get back in shape.

I am also not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to be strong, healthy, or doing something that makes you feel good in your own skin.

I am telling you, that you are already amazing.

That your tiny human(s) sees a warrior and the most incredible
person they know.

I am telling you that your new body should be celebrated because you grew a person, and you brought them into this world.

My wish for you, is that you see someone amazing when you look at yourself.

That you see someone capable of doing hard things, beautiful things, and incredible things!

That you view your new curves, saggy areas, and tiger stripes as badges of honor.

I hope, that at some point today, you look yourself in the mirror and say, “You go, girl!”

Then, give your peach a little pat and flaunt that mom bod.

Written By: Brittany Wynne

When Life Wynnes

Find Brittany on Instagram

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