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Best Maternity Leggings on Amazon

Best Maternity Leggings on Amazon

Pregnancy is no time to mess around. There are hormones, emotions, weight gain, food cravings, and so many new discoveries.

During this time, a woman needs comfort and she needs it stat.  

As your body grows and changes during your pregnancy, there's no doubt you'll be seeking comfortable options to keep your growing belly from feeling too restrictive in clothing. I mean, there is always the option to walk around naked.  

For those times you need to work, be in public, or be decent because the UPS delivery person is dropping off your latest Amazon Prime order, you'll want some leggings.  

We've searched for all types of leggings. There are different types for different occasions. Do you need maternity leggings for work? Basics for errands or layering? Are you looking for leggings for the gym so you can continue on with your workouts during pregnancy?  

Check out the options below, we've got you covered.  

Here are the best maternity leggings on Amazon by category:

Cheapest Maternity Leggings:

Here are some great inexpensive options for maternity leggings. Whether you want them to curl up at home or wear out, these cheaper maternity leggings can be a wardrobe staple. These can serve well during pregnancy and can also be used postpartum for a comfortable recovery as well.

1. Shop Pretty Girl maternity leggings 
    These are those special 'goto' pair of maternity leggings that are comfortable and great for most occasions.  They are 'bestsellers' on Amazon and come in a variety of colors. 
    These maternity leggings actually come in 'one size fits all' which sometimes seems like a red flag, but after reviewing the comments, most women not only fit them but loved them too.  
    These are our favorite inexpensive maternity leggings on Amazon.  If you're a leggings lover, you'll want to grab a few of them!
    What we love most:
    They're actually just high waisted leggings, so you can wear them beyond pregnancy and they'll fit your shape.
    2. Maacie Womens maternity cropped leggings 
    Another great pair of inexpensive maternity pants on Amazon.  These don't have as many reviews as the Shop Pretty Girl leggings above, but overall, they make the mamas who ordered them happy.  (Dads, are you reading this!)
    You really can't go wrong with a cheap pair of maternity leggings, either you can wear them out and or you can wear them around the house.  
    What we love most:  
    The price and their overall comfort for pregnancy.
    What we don't love:  
    They seem to be a bit thinner material.  Moms commented they were lighter weight than expected, but it doesn't seem like they are see through.  
    3. Felina Velvety-soft lightweight leggings
    This 'Felina' brand definitely knows their leggings.  These are soft, super comfortable, and great for year round use.  They're not your typical 'maternity' leggings, but we've added them because many belly wearing mamas loved rocking these during pregnancy and beyond.  

    What we love:
    These come in a pack of two!  Grab a black set or a colored set to match your style.  We also love that these leggings live on beyond pregnancy.  A completely justifiable purchase, don't you think?

    Ultra High Waisted

    Some women prefer high waisted leggings to cover their entire bump (or close to it). These types of pants also offer a bit more belly support as you grow through your pregnancy. Bonus, they can serve well after pregnancy as your body goes back to its pre-pregnancy state.

      1. Kindred Bravely 'The Louisa' ultra high waisted leggings
    Somehow Kindred Bravely nailed it and created the most perfect maternity legging there ever was.  The pants have a fold-down top, so you can have extra tummy support and even wear them post-pregnancy.  They go down to the ankles, are mega soft, and create smoothness that'll you'll want to celebrate.  These high-quality maternity leggings are not see through like many of the cheaper options are.  
    What we love:  Leggings that make you feel good, these are them.
    What we don't love:  The price is about $90 for one pair of leggings, but almost ever mom said they're worth every penny and more.
    1. Patty Boutik maternity cropped leggings
    2. Ingrid & Isabel maternity long active pants

    Sporty Maternity Leggings

    Active ladies these are for you. Some of your activewear you can probably continue wearing early in your pregnancy, but as time goes on, you'll more than likely want to upgrade to something more suited for the infamous belly.  

    1. Ingrid & Isabel maternity moto leggings
    2. Cloya maternity active women's leggings
    3. Move Mama high waisted leggings

    'Fancy That' Dress up Leggings

    Working moms, fashionistas, or ladies who just want to get out of leggings, these are for you. These leggings are terrific 'dress up' pants for a fashionable and comfortable pregnancy. For the women needing work pants during pregnancy, also check some of the other options as you can layer them and still create a dressy look.

    1. Ingrid & Isabel faux leather underbelly leggings
    2. Seraphine cropped over bump maternity pants
    3. Celebrity Pink ankle length maternity jeggings

    Get Some Zzz's Sleep Pants

    Who doesn't love comfy lounge pants? Have mercy. These maternity lounge pants are the epitome of comfort, we'll call these your 'Netflix' pants. You won't ever regret having a few pairs of these delightful cotton-y masterpieces. Do these come with room service and a masseuse?

    1. Ecavus maternity lounge pants
    2. Beachcoco wide leg comfortable lounge pants
    3. Wiselect stretchy maternity lounge trousers
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