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We Just Discovered Powdered Sunscreen And Can't Get Enough Of It

We Just Discovered Powdered Sunscreen And Can't Get Enough Of It

There have been some breakthrough inventions for over the years; diva cups, epidurals, and insulated wine glasses to name a few.  

But now, we've gotten ahead of ourselves.

It's both an anti-aging and beauty breakthrough and it's the new cool kid on the block.

Powdered sunscreen.

How many times have you avoided putting sunscreen on because of the slimy, thick, oily feeling that you're left with?  


You opt for the sunburn or say something like 'it can't be that bad for my skin if I skip once..."

You start to stare back at your reflection in the mirror wondering who that woman with wrinkles and discoloration is.

Applying standard lotion sunscreen to your face can be annoying, mess up your makeup and get pretty gross in general.

Luckily, we've found a type of product that can give your face sun protection without being a pain to apply.

Powdered sunscreen has recently launched and as somebody who has tried and tested the product, it is absolutely amazing!

Let's look at the reasons why you NEED to be using powder sunscreen and a few different ones that you should be considering adding to your collection.

What's So Good About It?

- It is not clumpy or 'cakey' on your face, in fact, it looks and works exactly like powdered makeup while having that added SPF that protects you from harmful UV rays. You can not see the powder much but it is known to clear up any skin blemishes that you might be experiencing.

-Lotion sunscreen is known for causing skin breakouts and other issues, but you won't experience any of those problems with powdered sunscreen and it can also be applied much quicker!

- Protects your skin from the sun and contains many ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. This actually gives powdered sunscreen an edge in its anti-aging properties. It will make you look more youthful in general if used on a regular basis.

- Super easy to carry around with you, it can actually fit in your makeup bag with the rest of your makeup, which is ideal if you are traveling or don't have a whole heap of bag space.

How To Use It:

Who has the time to apply lotion sunscreen to your body and face as a busy mom?

Trying to get it spread out evenly can be an absolute nightmare!

This is just one of the reasons why powder sunscreen is perfect and can even help to work towards wrinkle prevention due to the nutrient-rich ingredients in most of these vegan products.

These powdered sunscreens are really easy to apply which will save you and your family lots of time when getting ready to spend a day on the beach.

All these kind of products have built-in brushes and you apply them the same way you would powder.

Just dip the brush in the powder and cover your face and neck area.

You might want to do two layers of application particularly on a very hot day, just to ensure you are fully protected from the suns rays.

If it is particularly hot, you might need extra protection too.

The best powdered sunscreen products on the market based on reviews from customers and the overall market opinion on powdered sunscreen, a list of the best products have been put together.

All these products have anti-aging properties and they also have NOT been tested on animals.

DERMA E Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30

This product contains all-natural ingredients including Vitamin C and green tea which are ideal for wrinkle prevention and giving you a healthier glow in general.

This is a completely vegan cosmetic product and it is 100% translucent, which makes it perfect for all different skin types.

The product has actually been promoted by some of the top beauty influencers and I know that you are going to love it just as much as them.

It is actually on sale on Amazon right now and is the cheapest on this list of products so don't waste any time and get yours now.

Au natural skinfood

Au Natural Skinfood boasts itself as being food for your skin.

While it is a little more on the higher price range, it has all the properties necessary that make it an effective beauty item that will last you some time.

The product has a 25 SPF and in addition to protection for the sun, it also covers redness and imperfections on the skin and will generally leave you feeling happier with how you look.

It is available in three different colors so is suitable for all different skin tones.

This particular product is known to smell really good and it glides on your face easily.

Au natural skinfood is proven to make your skin look better over time and it has many satisfied customers all over the world.

Brush on block


This powdered sunscreen comes in a self-dispensing brush that has an easy to use twist feature.

It's a small and portable product which has an SPF of 30.

It is vegan-friendly with all-natural ingredients and it is also safe for sensitive skin and for children to use.

This product is easy to apply in seconds, it's great for throwing in your handbag when you know you need to protect your face from the sun but don't have a whole amount of time to apply traditional sunscreen.

With glowing reviews from people all over, you are guaranteed to love brush on block too.

Things to keep in mind

- Powder sunscreen is perfect for your face but not really on other areas of your body so be sure to apply regular sunscreen on all the areas that you are not using these products to avoid any lasting skin damage or sunburn.

- While the mentioned products are really effective, you should be taking other steps to protect yourself from the sun including wearing sunglasses and a hat when you are out in the heat.

- Powdered sunscreen is completely fine to wear with makeup and will still be effective. Simply brush a layer or two on top of your makeup and you are ready to go out in the sun.

Now that you've discovered these products and you know the benefits of this revolutionary product, what the hell are you waiting for?

Alexa, gimmie dat powdered sunscreen, stat,

Powdered sunscreen is an up and coming product that soon everybody is going to be using.  I mean, what's not to love.

Note, some of these sunscreens come in colored like foundation which can be an extra bonus.  Keep your foundation looking flawless and your face protected, oh the magnitude of epicness!

Click on the images above to see which is best for you.  You'll be glad you did.

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