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Best Travel Strollers for 2019

Best Travel Strollers for 2019

Traveling can be tough with kids.  

For the adventurous family, traveling is non-negotiable. In fact, its an important part of life together. Some of life's most cherished memories will be that time spent together exploring the world and your favorite destinations. Think about how much a person learns from travel, it's a beautiful thing!

When it comes to traveling, having a baby doesn't have to slow you down, but it does change things up a bit. Whether you are going on an international trip or going an hour away to an amusement park, you'll want to be prepared. There are a handful of items that you'll want to have when traveling with a baby, a stroller being at the top of that list.

Note, when you have a stroller that's convenient for travel, it's also great for the mall, airport, Disney World, commuting around busy cities, trips to the grocery store and everything in between

Here are our favorite travel strollers:  

(1). Summer Infant 3D lite convenience

This stroller is made of high-quality materials such as aluminum which makes it not only lightweight but

also durable and sturdy. It is designed to accommodate a child up to 50lbs. when it comes to safety,

the stroller has 5-point harness. It can easily be folded and adjusted to protect the child against UVA rays.

It's suitable for babies during their first months.


- Large storage basket to store your diaper bag or necessities

- Anti-shock system in the front wheels to ensure a smooth ride

- Durable aluminum frame for a stroller that'll last for years to come

- Adjustable canopy to shield baby from the sun, rain, wind, etc.

- Lockable rear wheels to keep the stroller in one place when you need a break

-Only 13 pounds and easy to fold up with one person


-Not for infant car seats

-Thin, non-padded seat and backrest

-Wheels seem cheap

<Find the price on Amazon>

(2). GB Pockit lightweight stroller

This is among the lightest strollers that you'll find in the market weighing about 9.5lbs. Think about it, that's pretty light for a dream machine that'll hold your mini! The GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller is not only the lightest, but it's also the most compact folding down to 13.8". Since it doesn't have a strap you can fit it in an oversized travel bag. It has a well-designed frame and it made with durable aluminum. The stroller can hold a child weighing up to 55 pounds.


- Adjustable harness system/secure safety belts for peace of mind on your strolls

- Small size, super compact that you can easily fit into overhead compartments on planes or in trunks of small cars

- Has a sturdy aluminum frame that's designed to last for years

- One hand steering to allow mama had to hold a glass of wine 😉

- Wheel brake stopping and safety

- Equipped with padded handlebars that allows for a comfortable journey for mom or dad too


-Not good for uneven surfaces

-Really thin seat, may not be comfortable for tall or husky kids

-Storage space is small

-The (light) weight of it seems to make for a more bumpy ride

<Find the price on Amazon>

(3). Graco Breaze click connect stroller

This is among the best strollers in the market and its sturdy aluminum frame makes it suitable for both

infants and babies weighing up to 50lbs. It adopts a one-hand fold mechanism and is super to collapse and store. The Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller comes with front- swivel which allows for a great turning radius and extremely comfortable ride. It also has a canopy that's equipped with UV 50 protection, helping to effortlessly protect your child from the sun and natures elements.


- The seat reclines to allow for a comfortable nap during use

- Five-point harness for the safety of the baby

- Lockable front wheels so the stroller stays in place when not in use

-Fits an infant car seat, so you can use it from the newborn stage through 50lbs

-Large storage space that's really helpful for your diaper bag or necessities


-Folding part sometimes jams making it hard to collapse

-Breaks have given out for some shortly after purchase

-Storage space is almost nonexistent if there's a car seat in place

<Find the price on Amazon>

(4). Kolcraft Cloud plus lightweight stroller

This is recommended to those who love taking road trips and its lightweight design

makes it easy to carry. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller can carry a child with a weight of up to 50lbs and adopts a one-hand fold mechanism. It's known for its wide canopy and peek-a-boo window.


- Has a front suspension for an efficient ride

- It folds into an ultra- compact stroller, great for airports or small cars

- Has a three-tier extended canopy to protect baby from the elements

- Has a padded seat for an extra comfortable stroll

-Inexpensive, it's great for parents on a budget


-Cup holders are nearly useless, too small for water bottle or sippy cups

-Cheap feel doesn't feel sturdy pushing or having baby inside

-Short, not suitable for parents over 5'5

<Find the price on Amazon>

(5). ZOE Xl2 lightweight double stroller

Do you have twins? If yes, here's a stroller we love for traveling with twins. It's got double the great features and was obviously built by people who understand traveling with twins. The ZOE XL2 Lightweight Double Stroller weighs just 19 lbs and is a smooth carry for your littles. The stroller boasts a double wheel system that allows you to maneuver with ease. The stroller folds easily, you only need to pull on the straps, collapse and go. It features reclining seats and a 5 point safety harness for absolute safety and peace of mind. It also comes with two storage spaces and cup holders which are a total bonus for your stroll!


- It's taller than most on the market, great for taller parents

- Wide separate canopies for more coverage for your minis

- Front wheel suspension for a smooth ride

-Made of high-grade aluminum, it's a durable stroller built to last

-Tall back seats for support, really helpful for tall children


-Gets more difficult to maneuver as children grow and get heavier

-Small wheels, cannot ride on cobblestone or uneven ground

-Stroller lock is not placed well, you walk around the stroller to lock/unlock it

<Find the price on Amazon>

All in all, there are some great options nowadays for traveling with babies. These are what we consider the best strollers for travel on the market right now and will be a great asset in your family adventures. Bon voyage!

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