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Best Baby Halloween Costumes 2019

Best Baby Halloween Costumes 2019

Best Baby Halloween Costumes

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Okay, maybe not the one that comes to mind when singing that song, but if you're a fall kinda gal, you know what I'm talking about!

Halloween is upon us and there might be nothing more exciting than choosing a costume for your babys first Halloween. There's a lot to choose from like animals, superheroes, food items, emojis, and favorite book characters. So many great ones to choose from!

We've narrowed down our favorite baby Halloween costumes that are available this year. Take a peek and see if you find one that you love, it's hard to pick just one!


The lion is the most classic baby costume and it is that way for a good reason. It's cuteness never ends! We love the fringe mane and the cartoon lion face on this one. What a fierce little lion patrolling the neighborhood on Halloween!  


This unicorn costume is SO sweet! What a beautiful baby costume. If only it came in adult sizes for mama too! Checkout the adorable hood and detail throughout. One of our favs for sure!


Spooky Fall Decor


Mary had a little lamb and she is the cutest thing on the planet. We fell in love with this adorable costume, it also comes in pink! Such a sweet first Halloween costume for your little one,


If you love the book 'Where The Wild Things Are" you will LOVE this wild thing costume. What a great and unique baby halloween costume! Let the wild rumpus start!



Maybe they won't be the first one on the moon, but there's a lot more to explore! Here is an adorable astronaut costume for babies, perfect for their first Halloween.

Little Garden Gnome

This little garden gnome outfit will surely bring out the smiles. Checkout those ears and that beard! Sweet Halloween costume for babies.

Little Sly Fox

Totally not sly, but the cutest fox in the den. This fox baby Halloween costume will bring out all the neighborhood smiles.

RAWR. Dino Family Coming Through.

The dino costume took over last year as the most popular selling costume for adults. You know the one. You'd see a giant heard of dinos running through the roads on Halloween and couldn't keep a straight face! (None of us could). Well, the giant dinosaur costumes are back for adults and older kids, but this year, they're here this year for babies too.

This is our favorite easy family Halloween costume this year. Rawr.

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