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How Do We Teach Our Kids To Love Themselves?

How Do We Teach Our Kids To Love Themselves?

I wonder if we taught our kids to love themselves more if there would be fewer problems in the world.

Think about it.

More love equals less hate.

Self-love could be the ripple effect needed to give planet earth and all it's people the biggest group hug there ever was.

Sounds beautiful right?

Self-love doesn't mean conceit or inferiority.  

It's being forgiving, equal, understanding and confident.

It's taking a look around and feeling really f*cking good.

It's being able to speak up about what matters.

It's sending a ripple of kindness through every person you meet.

It's loving yourself and others despite your differences.

It's putting your face mask on first then helping those around you.

So how do we teach self-love?

Is it a learned behavior?

How can we lead by example if we don't fully have it ourselves?

It's okay to be a work in progress.

In fact, it's mandatory.

Who is a finished product?

Nobody I've ever met.

So self-love is a work in progress.

It's awareness.

It's recognizing your flaws and loving them anyway.

We as parents need to lead by example.  

It's always a damn verb when you're parenting.

They do what you do, not what you say.

Well, damnit.

That complicates things ;)

I think the way we teach them is to show them AND to communicate with them.

We as parents often think we need to hide ourselves or our mistakes from our monsters.


Is it to protect them?

To protect us?

It doesn't do any good.

I think it's great to sit down with a kid and have an open convo about life, their feelings, what confuses them, etc.

There's a lot rattling up in those adorable brains.

I think it's helpful for them to know that we're not perfect.  

It takes the pressure off of them to feel the need to be themselves.

Tell them they are amazing.  

Lift them up.

Spend time with them.

Laugh with them and take the time to listen to them.

It's all apart of teaching them to love themselves.

They'll feel supported, validated, and loved.

But think about it for a minute.

What does a confident, happy, kind person do in the world? Do they go out and shine or do they hide in the basement harassing people online?

Well, shoot.  

I can't guarantee one way of the other.

But chances are a happy child with high self-esteem will positively go out and impact the world.

Just a hunch.

I really do think teaching kids to love themselves will create a ripple effect in those around them.  

Planet Earth is waiting for a big ole dance party.

Group hug starts now.

Xx, Karin

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