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My Dreams Are Equally As Important As My Childs, Here's Why.

My Dreams Are Equally As Important As My Childs, Here's Why.

Dreams, are you out there?

Oh, phew, thanks for sticking with me.




The way I view motherhood is that it's an addition to life.

It is more than a full-time job. It's the combination of a hundred different jobs all rolled into the tiny three-letter word, 'mom'.

I had different dreams before I had kids.

Travel the world.

Make millions.

Lean into my passions until I figured out my purpose.

Keep evolving as a person, always pursuing happiness.

Having a family wasn't even on the radar yet.

Dreams evolve.


Some get crossed off the list for lack of desire and others get crossed off for completion or they completely change direction altogether.

I think it's an awesome example for kids to see their parents getting after it.

It gives them permission to pursue theirs, both now and if/when they have their own children.

We are on this planet for a short period of time.  

It should be everything you want and more.

You should leave your footprint.

You should relentlessly pursue your purpose, no matter what it is.

I talk to my kids about my dreams regularly.

For the most part, they don't care.  

Gosh, mom, you're sooooo annoying.

It's not vocalized that way, but I'm catching on to the eye rolls.

I don't tell them to impress them.

It's hard work to impress these little twerps.  I don't have much time ;)

I use it to show them that we experience similar obstacles.

I don't know everything just because I'm a 'grown-up'.

I fall down daily with my business.

Somedays, I want to flop over on the couch pouting.

I don't want the glass, pass the bottle kind of days.

I get frustrated, knocked down and set back.

Although I don't fancy the obstacles, it's a way to relate to them and help prepare them for life.

I always tell them the best problem solver will win.  

To me, it makes all the obstacles less scary.

There's always a solution if you're seeking it.

Life will have an endless amount of problems, after all, might as well learn now kid.

My dreams are big and scary. They're freaking exciting. If I were to have to pump the breaks for 20 years (or more!) raising my tribe, I wouldn't be as good of a mother.

My dreams are my outlet.

It's where my thoughts go when I'm cleaning or cooking.

It's where the conversation with my hubby leads if we're speaking freely.

It's where my fingers wander across the keyboard when I sit down and open my laptop.

I love them, they lift me up and give me purpose.

Similarly to somebody who says I need to work out to be a good mom.  

Or I need to have a job to be a good mom.

Or I'm happier when I get an hour away to get my hair done.

Or give me a girls trip to breathe and I'll come back more patient.

I get it.

Whatever it is that you have in addition to motherhood is great, chances are, they complement one another.

That's how my dreams feel.  

They evolve all the time for me.

I'm an advocate of relentlessly pursuing happiness, whichever way that looks for you.

I'm grateful that my kids cheer for me and that my husband supports me, but in the end, they're my dreams and despite the daily chaos of life, I'm not turning my back on them, ever.

Dream on ma.

Xx, Karin

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