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Snoo Review - Is It Worth It?

Snoo Review - Is It Worth It?

Does better sleep for your newborn (or yourself) at the touch of a button sound like something too good (or futuristic) to be true?

If that's the case, sign us up right now. Where can we buy the Snoo sleeper?

Um, yes it actually does sound too good to be true.

We had to dig in and find out more to know exactly what the Snoo Smart Sleeper is and if it really lives up to the rave reviews we keep hearing about.

Let's begin.

Offhand, after some research we discovered that the Snoo Smart Sleeper is said to give your baby an extra 1-2 hours of sleep per day. Oh my gosh, so many drooling parents right now. Snoo also suggests that most children sleeping in their smart sleeper will sleep for 9+ hours per night or more by 2 or 3 months old.  

Like, what?

Mic drop 🎤

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is a high-tech bassinet for baby conceptualized by Dr. Harvey Karp. He's known for being the 'goto doctor' when it comes to sleep for children. Let's take a minute of silence for the sanity of all parents, thank you, Dr. Karp!

SNOO Smart Sleeper

For months now, we've heard rave reviews from our millennial mom tribe and we had to check it out for ourselves. This is our unbiased review that will tell you everything you need to know about this new and innovative bassinet.

This is a mixed review not only from our own research of the bassinet but also responses from mothers who used it for their babies for more than six months.

How much rest should babies be getting?

According to Sleep.Org, the number varies based on a few factors so there isn't necessarily just one answer to match every baby. For a full term baby from newborn to 3 months, they should be sleeping the majority of the day. Babies in that age group will sleep from 14-17 hours generally, scattered throughout the day and night. Early on, babies tend to wake up every 2 hours to feed, but as they get older, they should sleep for longer periods through the night.  


For babies 4-11 months old, they should be sleeping 12-15 hours throughout the day. The younger the baby, the more 'naps' they'll take, but as they get older, naps generally wind down to just 1 or 2 times throughout the day.

Sleep is vital for a baby, I suppose that's the case for adults too 😉It's important for brain activity, growth, and development. The more sleep the baby gets, the better, but that'll also allow for a resting time for the parents and caretakers. Everybody needs a good rest!

So, What Is the Snoo?

What is the Snoo anyway?

SNOO Smart Sleeper

The Snoo Smart Sleeper in simple terms is a baby bed. It's not your ordinary baby bed however, it's like the Roomba is to vacuums or how Uber is to taxis. They've taken the idea of a simple bassinet and upgraded it to the ultimate sleeping bed for a baby.

It's fully responsive to the child and is equipped with a sound machine creating an environment imitating the womb. The entire purpose of the smart sleeper is to create the best sleep for baby, so they've added a gentle rocking, whooshing, and swaddle too. Dr. Karp took the elements that most impact the sleeping ability and combined them into one soothing bassinet.  

The Snoo is beautifully made with an aesthetically appealing design that not only creates peace of mind but is also beautiful in any bedroom or nursery. It is simple, modern, and chic. Moms have commented on the design and are really pleased to get away from the typical 'baby prints' of traditional baby beds.

All in all, the Snoo is a baby bed upgrade that brings more sleep, better rest, and peace of mind in your home for everybody.

Where can I set it up?

The Snoo sleeper can either be placed anywhere you'd like to set it up. Some prefer in a nursery others keep it by their bed. It's just a bit larger than your typical bassinet so there are lots of options and it's just up to personal preference where you prefer your child to sleep.

Image: @matthew_dowdy

We've found that many parents these days prefer their baby to be in the same room, but understand that co-sleeping can be an unsafe option for the child. "I love knowing my baby is beside me at night because I fall asleep with more confidence knowing I can hear her cry. It gives me more peace of mind than if she's down the hall in her own bedroom," Kristy a mom of 2 said.

Another reason most parents prefer to have the baby sleep in their room is so that they can reach the child without shuffling around too much in the middle of the night. I am a literal zombie in the middle of the night and always preferred my kids to be close for just the reason. It also has its drawbacks and it totally up to personal preference.

How does the Snoo work?

Newborn babies are forced to get used to an environment they are not used to. Think about it, babies are in the womb for months in an adapted environment. Upon delivery, the child is forced out of that familiar environment into a completely new one. The adaptability process begins and the baby now begins to adapt to life outside the womb.

The Snoo attempts to alleviate this sudden and disorienting change that can deny your baby of peaceful sleep. It replicates the environment of the womb using a built-in swaddle combined with gentle rocking and white noise. The Snoo ultimate adapts to your baby to deliver the right amount of white noise and rocking depending on what it senses the child needs.  

Image: @yvettevargas

In Dr. Harvey Karp's book, "Happiest Baby on the Block" he discusses, at length, the five S's it takes to calm a baby. The proprietary design of his bassinet applies three of the S's, they are:




If the Snoo fails to calm your baby after some time, it automatically shuts down. At that time, come grab your child and get old fashioned with it 😉Jokes aside, sometimes digestion, rashes, or colic are factors and in the child and they need a different remedy.  

What we love about the Snoo

  • In almost every review, the customer claims that the child gets more sleep
  • Noise machine included, you don't need to get a separate one
  • It adapts to the child without having to play with controls
  • Allows your baby to self soothe and teaches them good sleeping habits from the beginning
  • Baby can't move around or roll over, great peace of mind for the parents
  • Easy to set up and keep your child on a schedule
  • Easy assembly, the box includes a manual that takes you through the simple steps of putting it together

What we don't love about the Snoo

  • It's pricy, although most parents say it's worth every penny despite the cost
  • Difficult to thoroughly clean if your child pees, poops, or vomits, which is highly likely!
  • The app associated with the Snoo seems dated and needs updating
  • Six months of use seems short really short overall
  • It doesn't work for all babies

So, should I buy the Snoo?

Overall, for a parent wanting a near guarantee for their child to sleep more and better, resulting in more peace of mind at home, the answer is a definite yes! After trying it out for 6 months, an impressive almost 9 out of 10 parents found better sleep for themselves and the baby and highly recommending the Snoo. We love those odds and feel that the pros definitely outweigh the cons here.

Image: reviews from Snoo customers

One thing that stood out for us is only being able to use it for just six months. That seems like such a short time when you can use a crib and transition to a toddler bed, etc. Although it doesn't seem to justify the purchase for a short period of time, it's also said to be a great sleep trainer and a well-trained sleeper helps for years. Most moms agreed that it helped their child sleep anywhere after their transition out.

One tip for keeping the cost down is to rent the Snoo if you'll need it only for one child or for a short period of time. The recommended use for the Snoo is newborn through 6 months or until they start rolling and moving around a lot.

If you plan on having multiple kids, you can consider buying it or splitting it between friends or family members if your timeline works together. There are a few different ways to get the Snoo if extra rest for you and your baby is weighing on your mind... and patience!

Helpful accessories for the Snoo

When you purchase the Snoo Smart Sleeper, you also receive a few of their useful accessories. Along with your purchase, you'll receive 3 of their sleep sacks, a fitted crib sheet, and a mattress with water-resistant cover.

 Snoo Sleep Sack: 

These 'Sleepea' swaddles take all of the headaches out of swaddling your baby. They come in small, medium, and large to grow along with your baby and provide a comfortable swaddle. They are little 'sacks' that zip up and also have velcro to attach to the Snoo to keep your baby safe on their back and bring you peace of mind. These brilliant swaddles also have a mesh lower area to prevent your child from overheating, which we haven't seen in any other swaddle blanket on the market.

It's great that they send you 3 off the bat so you always have extras when it's laundry time. Nice thinking, Snoo.

Snoo's Fitted Sheet: 

SNOO Smart Sleeper 100% Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet

You'll definitely love these soft and comfortable fitted sheets for the Snoo. Moms were raving about the nice feel of them and many said to grab multiple sheets.

Note that some moms were saying the sheet shrunk too much in the washer, so be sure to be aware of that ahead of time. Their customer service is excellent and is reputable for taking great care of their customers if you have any problems with any of their products.

Snoo Waterproof Mattress:

Of course, you'll need a mattress to use the Snoo and this one is perfect. It's great that it's waterproof because more than likely you'll have some occasional leaky diapers or baby spit up. This one is super simple to wipe clean and keep any germs away from your child.

Where can I buy the Snoo?

There are two options to get the Snoo which we think are totally brilliant. It all depends on your situation, but you can easily get them online in either case.

Buy the Snoo:

You're able to purchase it outright here by shopping directly on their website. There they offer great customer service and if you have any problems, they'll take care of it.

You can also buy it at Amazon. Check the price here.

The Snoo is also available at Best Buy, Walmart, and Pottery Barn Kids if you want to check it out in person, they may have displays up near you.

Rent the Snoo:

We love the alternative option of purchasing it that the company recently came out with. You're able to rent the Snoo, how amazing is that? Here's a case of math (anybody remember division?) if you plan to have one, the rental option could be a total steal for you.

Note, you can only rent it directly from their store.  You can rent the Snoo here.

If you plan to have multiples and the math in my head is right, you'd probably just want to buy it outright because you'd save more money that way.

All in all, we think it's a great investment for both sleep and peace of mind for the baby and the entire family.  We'd love to hear how it works for you in the comments below.

SNOO Smart Sleeper
Note:  This is based on our research and does include affiliate links.

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Allison - July 1, 2019

The Snoo is an absolute dream! My two month old sleeps between 8-9 hours per night and has made my transition into motherhood very smooth. This is worth every penny and I would highly recommend to anyone!

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