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#FatGirlsCan, Oh Yes They Can

#FatGirlsCan, Oh Yes They Can

🎶Livin' my best life 🎶


Amidst picture-perfect photos floating all over social media, a new empowering hashtag is making rounds on the internet for its great message of body positivity. #FatGirlsCan does not only teach women of all shapes to love themselves, but also remind them that they can do what they want to do and be who they want to become. A quick sweep at the Instagram hashtag shows women trying out things that society would likely judge them for such as wearing bikinis to the beach or trendy clothes on the streets, dancing, running, or even rollerblading! But if there’s a key takeaway to this movement, it is that curvier girls are out there proving that they are their own boss and the can do what they set their minds and energies to!


This trending hashtag resonated with lots of women, and it is easy to see why.  Unlike other online campaigns or movements relating to “fat girls” or “body positivity”, #FatGirlsCan does not pressure ladies to lose weight, tell them they are living their life wrong, nor drastically change their lifestyles. It is a fun celebration of women’s beauty, confidence, and ability to accomplish many amazing feats whether it is at home, at the workplace, or in the community.


In that #FatgirlsCan space, there is no place for fat shaming or backhanded remarks. The idea of body positivity is lived out in the flesh, inspiring more women not to look at the mirror and point what they need to change, but to look to see what their body needs and appreciate all things that it can be. #FatGirlsCan tells us that it is important to connect with your body, to celebrate not what it looks like but what it can accomplish. Because, hey, it says #FatGirlsCan and you can bet these ladies are living their best selves without being burdened by society’s unrealistic expectations.


How it Started

The hashtag first gained recognition when Jes M. Baker of The Militant Baker created the #FatGirlsCan Challenge created to make people realize that “fat” is not necessarily a bad word and that it should be normalized as a regular descriptor like when you use words like “blonde” or “tall” to describe people.


While most of the posts for the hashtag came from North America, the hashtag has cultivated a following that is poised to inspire more women all over the world. At the time of writing it has over 36,000 posts and is expected to grow more as long as the message resonates with more women. Its top contributors include body peace coach Meredith Noble with over 5,000 followers, hairstylist @karagenthehairapist who does amazing hair arrangements, and Shove who is a amazing on her roller skates! Ladies who support and post for #FatGirlsCan are giving a voice to those who are too shy to be proud of their talents, and that is a great accomplishment by itself.


Beyond The Hashtag


More ladies all around the globe need and deserve gentle reminders and constant inspiration to keep loving themselves. We are all badass squishy, tall, short, thin, or round. Checkout these trailblazers standing behind #FatGirlsCan


Fat Girls Can be Lady Bosses




A quick sweep at Gabi’s Instagram shows a great collection of swimwear and inclusive clothing. That is because she is none other than the co-founder of PREMME apparel brand. She also has bathing suit line available at Swimsuits for all as well as a lingerie collab with Playful Promises! Thanks to her brand’s fun collection of apparel, lingerie, and swimwear, more ladies are able to flaunt their curves in style. Now everyone can rock the popular slip dress or the power suit fit for ladies who run their own empire!



Fat Girls Can be Influencers


Sisters href="">Danah and Stacy Guttierez are pioneers of the body positivity movement in the Philippines. Together, they created the online platform as a space for heavier women to be inspired to look and feel their best at any given occasion. The duo are also social media influencers who have covered fashion and beauty in the country, often sharing what they wear and use to their growing followers. They are known keynote speakers and have given talks for many companies and communities in the Philippines. They have a book entitled “The Big Fat Book of Self Love”.



Fat Girls Can Hike




No diet and weight loss talk, says the Fat Girls Hiking Instagram page—and for good reason! Why talk about these when we can all be excited about the summits and peaks these ladies have conquered! This 4-year old platform is dedicated to all women who wish to share their lives outdoors and to encourage more to turn to “trails” and not “scales”. It documents and creates adventures that big ladies can participate in worry-free. Check out the mountains they have climbed and their activities in all their 23 chapters all over the USA for hiking inspo!


Fat Girls Can Run a Marathon




Fitness has no weight limit. Take cues from Jada Sezer, a plus-sized model who ran in the London Marathon with journalist Bryony Gordon! There’s more, she finished the feat in her underwear to show that fitness and running could definitely come in all shapes and sizes. Both Jada and Bryony also championed a money raising campaign for mental health awareness with their run. Aside from working as a model, a body love and mental health advocate, Jada is also a host for in Unsubscribe the Podcast where her fans can listen to her talk about relevant topics.



Fat Girls Can be Fashion Icons



Most days, heavier ladies don’t get to try fashionable clothes due to fear of judgment. But thanks to inclusive clothing brands and fashion influencers who keep mixing and matching clothes that look great no matter the size, more ladies are gaining the confidence to step out stylishly. Check out how you can wear a cool kimono jacket like Saucyé West or how to style a fanny pack a-la Stephanie Yeboah. There are lots of style inspirations to follow all over Instagram, and fortunately, more curvy ladies are taking the spotlight and sharing their fashion tips to more women who need them.

Go on, livin' your best life.  It's awesome to see humans supporting humans.  Keep blazing your trail.

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