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Best Baby Carriers for Dads

Best Baby Carriers for Dads

Will the real baby carrying daddies please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.

We see you daddy and we as moms, LOVE seeing you tote around your sweet little one. You wife especially loves it and thanks you.

If she's not physically dancing in front of you when you strap on that sweet carrier, she's at least dancing in her head. #FACT

Add that onto the list of how to impress the ole lady. It really works 🙌🏽

There are many reasons to love baby carriers, they are literally one of the greatest inventions on the planet next to Spanx, margaritas, and 'The Goldbergs' TV show.

Okay, but for real, what is not to love about that perfect pouch for you to adventure, sway, shop, or bond with your little one. Talk about best friends forever, it's where it all begins 😍

A few reasons we LOVE a good baby carrier:

1. Adventures + errands are a breeze: If you're a family on the go and love traveling, hiking, sightseeing, etc, you will love having a carrier. Strollers are clutch, but sometimes you want to take the road less traveled and the stroller just can't cut it off the beaten path.  

2. Sometimes babies are fussy: It happens! If you've got a child that doesn't like to be put down, this will be a lifesaver. You can use it at the store, hanging with friends, running errands, taking a walk, or just around the house. It saves sanity in those situations and gives you some extra snuggle time with that perfect little human.

3. Bonding: Your baby loves your love and attention. You are the MVP of their life and a good snuggle will keep you feeling connected. You give your baby a feeling of security of happiness just being near them, holding them and letting them hear your voice. Bonding at it's finest.

Generally, the dad dudes want something that is comfortable for them to wear and doesn't look like they fit right into a flower shop with the girly prints. We've sought out the carriers that are adjustable for dads to fit whether they're tall, short, large, small, skinny, or pleasantly plump.

We've also found the carriers that are dad approved prints, here are the best baby carriers for dads today.

The best baby carriers for dads:

1. TBG Tactical Baby Carrier

This carrier is a favorite among dads and looks mighty manly if we do say so ourselves.  It was built ofr men and is perfect for babies from 8-33lbs.  It's smart that they made it all washable and a total one person operation.  There's nothing sillier than trying to juggle your baby into a complex carrier, this one is really simple. It's adjustable and is recommended by dads of all heights, shapes, and sizes.


  • Adjustable, fits dads of all sizes
  • Washable
  • One person operation
  • Looks 'cool' for a man
  • Lightweight
  • In or out facing based on babies age

Find it here on Amazon.

2. BABY BJORN Baby Carrier

This is one of the carriers that adapts with the baby until they reach 3 years old.  It's well designed that it fits the baby right from birth without the need for booster insert. It has an adjustable firm head support system that ensures that the head and neck of the baby are securely and properly placed.  The height of this carrier can also be lowered as the baby grows older so that dad can carry them facing them or outward. We love that the shoulder straps are extra-padded and the waist belts are stable so the weight is efficiently distributed making for a comfortable carry.


  • It's a hip-healthy, comfortable baby carrier
  • Has adjustable zippers and height features
  • Lots of different color options

Find it here on Amazon.

3. Ergobaby Omni 360

This carrier rocks. It offers six different styles/positions for baby positioning and they don't require separate infant inserts when baby carrying. It's got a seat that allows for comfort both for inward or outward facing positions. The shoulder straps are not only padded but also wide and the waist belts can be adjusted to accommodate larger waists.


  • Custom fit - suitable for multiple wearers.
  • Has adjustable bucket seat
  • Carries kids from 7-45lbs

Find it here on Amazon.

4. Baby K'tan-Active baby carrier

This is another favorite among parents and gets many compliments for being comfortable. It has a double loop design which slips on like a T-shirt. It also goes with sizes such as XS-XL and has an adjustable band that offers maximum support by distributing the weight across shoulders and backs. The carrier is made of fabric that absorbs sweat and moisture. Note, these are great for younger babies, as they grow and get heavier, this type of carrier is not as comfortable or suitable.


  • Suitable for babies 7-35lbs
  • Helps in bonding with the baby
  • Adjustable to your size
  • Breathable and quick dry fabric
  • Machine washable and dryer safe

Find it here on Amazon.

5. Onya Outback

This is an all-weather baby carrier that is suitable for life's adventures. It's made of fabrics that repel both moisture and mud and has a sleeping hood that protects the baby from sun and rain. It's adjustable for all sizes of parents and a great carrier for travel.


  • Adjustable long padded shoulder straps
  • Wide and supportive waist strap
  • You can carry the baby on the front, back or side
  • Suitable also for toddlers weighing up to 45lbs
  • It has a large double entry zippered pocket

Find it here on Amazon

Babywearing is a beautiful part of parenting.  Hopefully, now you have some great options for dad to carry baby!  Carry on.

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