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When Life Feels Hard, Know Your Kids Have Everything They Need

When Life Feels Hard, Know Your Kids Have Everything They Need

I dunno about you, but lately, life has felt sticky.

For so long I've thought at some point it all gets easier.

Now, I'm starting to think...

It doesn't.

It's not hard that's scary.

It's spinning my wheels all day long thinking it's for a purpose, then realizing it may not be.

Am I making up a bunch of extra BS to fill a void?

What is this all for?

My hubby and I...

We are resilient.

We've been through some shit, probably just like you.

It's not me that I'm not worried about, it's not my husband either.

We've got this.

I worry about the kids.

The what-if questions start flying and don't stop.

What if we're not doing this right?

What if we're teaching them the wrong things?

What if they aren't okay with all this transition?

What if they aren't as adaptable as we hope?

Maybe like you, my mind races all day long.

I'm not sure it even stops when I'm sleeping.

It's not all bad by any means.

It's curiosity too.

It's adventure, hope, dreams, and fun.

I want this to be the best rollercoaster ride for us all.

I want to teach them the absolute best that I can.

Tonight I stopped in my tracks.

In my mind, we're good... more than that, we're great.

But sometimes I wonder about the kids.

Tonight we all hung out, played games, and chatted.

I noticed something important.

There were smiles plastered on each person.

We laughed, played, and teased each other because that's love in this family.

The kids aren't scared.

They aren't sad.

They aren't feeling without.

There's nothing missing.

They're whole as can be.

And the shit that plays out in our heads is not even close to what happens in their heads.

They have love, support, and safety.

They know that.

The rest is made up as we all go and that's fucking beautiful.

There is no perfect plan.

There is no mold.

There is no manual.

There is no one size fits all.

There's no reason to look over at anybody else, who the f*ck cares what they're doing.

Watch your crew closely when you all are together.

You'll see what I mean.

If you have teenagers it's still the same, it's just covered in attitude.

From me to you, you're doing it.

If life feels shitty or you feel stuck, just love them.

It's the thing that matters when everything else may feel like it's sucking.

Cheering for you ma.

Xx, Karin

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