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Lace Teepee Tent

$ 249.99 $ 449.99

"Lace Teepee Tent"

  • Beautiful decor for room or nursery
  • Stimulates imagination
  • A special place to create memories
  • Easy to assemble, directions included
  • Spacious, could easily fit a few small children 47" x 47" x 59" 
  • Material: 100% Cotton canvas + Imported white wood


Mama Testimonials:

"My 6 year old daughter really enjoys making blanket forts, so I thought she would enjoy something like this teepee. Well, it's a big hit in our house! She's an only child, but when her friends come over to play she invites them all into her teepee for some top secret meetings. She also loves to go in with her favorite toys for some quiet playtime. I go in with her at night for storytime and she also enjoys sleeping in there sometimes." - Meagan

"Wonderful, made out of nice canvas, wood poles that went together so easy. Got it for my grand daughter's birthday--grand momma and momma put it up in about 5 minutes---kids loved it. Nice size I could easily fit inside. We got two body pillows and put inside. I would be mighty surprised if you did not like this teepee. For the price, you can not beat it." -Charlotte

"I bought this for a photo shoot. It isn't white, which is fine with me since I really don't like shooting white in full sun. Kids love it, babies love it. And it really is an overall durable tent that can be used for many things. I mainly use it for a prop with children shoots, but I have also set up in my living room for my grandchild to play with. I love the sheer front through the lace" -Patty

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