Dino Baby Hoodie

  • Dino Hoodie Jacket

Dino Baby Hoodie

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Product description

  • Fun and unique trendy dino spikes.
  • 2 Adorable color options.
  • Front zipper for easy on and off.
  • Mom's favorite during baby's day out.
  • Can be worn with any everyday adorable outfit or can also be an additional accessory for Halloween.

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      What People Are Saying About Us

      My daughter and I are wearing our mom + me beanies today, we’ve gotten more compliments today than we have in my lifetime . LOVE THEM

      - Stella J

      LL thanks for the amazing customer support. I’ve shopped other online baby shops only to be really disappointed, I’ll certainly be back!

      - Kalei M

      Thank you! My order delivered faster than expected.. but I didn’t do a good job of beating my hubby to the mailbox ;)

      - Lainey R

      Love the funny sayings + your perspective on motherhood. I love your brand!

      - Katie K

      My son is the talk of the town when he wears anything from you guys

      - Corrie P

      Thanks for an easy return policy! Gave me peace of mind when ordering.

      - Meagan P