I Love Helping Women Build Their Dreams 

We are living in the most amazing time!  We have the most freedom and ability now to create, communicate, distribute, connect, provide, travel, network and flourish.  Women are fierce, they have amazing intuition and they are SO capable of achieving their dreams, while raising kids.

I am Karin. A crazy mother of 5 who had big dreams and ditched her excuses. I started Lenny Lemons a short 3 years ago with a wild idea and a dose a rebellion. In my head it was nearly impossible, but my ultimate desire was to buy my family a house. You see, we had 4 kids under 7 at the time and had been living with my in-laws GOING ON SIX YEARS. My MIL is a saint... but it was rough.  

My husband was working nonstop and I was in charge of all things children. Very traditional I suppose, but I was restless.  There was more for me.

I wasn't satisfied. I wanted a home, I wanted to see my family and friends, I wanted to be able to help others and contribute to causes that tugged at my heart. I also wanted to a hire a damn babysitter so I could occasionally have an uninterrupted thought!

In the last three years Lenny Lemons has grown into a multi-million dollar company. We've served over 110k customers across the world and have literally learned on the fly, fast! We LOVE our tribe. This group of millennial moms is quirky, independent, badass, and beautiful. They are strong and smart, they are capable and they can adapt. My heart races thinking about what we can accomplish these days as moms. There are no limits!

1. We're open to partnering with other mom owned brands.

2. Coaching, strategies, biz jams.

3. Open for affiliates!  Sign up here.

We are cheering for you.

Xx, Karin

Owner | Lenny Lemons

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