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Write For Lenny Lemons

Write For Lenny Lemons

Read here if you're interested in guest posting for Lenny Lemons 

Welp. Here we are, in the thick of motherhood, with no cliff notes on raising humans. Is phoning a friend optional?

We are with you, mama. Here at Lenny Lemons, we are mostly a bunch of moms doing the same thing you're doing, holding on for dear life trying to figure it all out while drinking a bottle of wine!

You see, the principles of parenting are the same, but we're in a different world than we were as kids. Life is moving quickly. There are not enough hours in the day to plan a stinking Pinterest worthy birthday party. Robot vacuums save sanity. Breastfeeding in public can make you feel like an alien. We can do just about anything via this thing called the internet. Life is, well, different.  

We adore moms. Dads, if you're reading this, you're great too, back to you mom.  We believe in supporting and celebrating women, regardless of whether or not they decided to breastfeed. We share the joys of motherhood, the good, bad, ugly, and absolutely hilarious. We are a tribe of loving mothers who love the ever loving s*** out of our families, laugh lots, and don't take ourselves too seriously.  

We're all in this thing called motherhood together.  We chose to celebrate it, to support one another, and to soak up all the beautiful lessons along the way.

What We're Looking For

Well, for starters. We're looking for personal chefs ;)

Kidding, but I mean if you find one, don't hold out on us...

Lenny Lemons is a place to celebrate motherhood. To learn, love, grow, inspire, and contribute to the millennial mom tribe. We are seeking content creators to help us empower moms... and make them laugh.  

Let us help you reach your goals!  With a combined effort, we can help you increase visibility and marketing goals for your website or blog.

Writers: Bloggers or journalists, this is where you shine! Our readers LOVE narratives, lessons you've learned, tips, tricks, and stories. They love real-life experiences or connections to an event, movie, conversation, etc.  Don't be shy here, express yourself, we like to write like we're having a conversation with our BFF.  Please check out the site for an overall feel and understanding of the what we're seeking.


  • We offer no guarantee to post your entry, it's up to our editors whether or not it fits our tribe.

  • Each selected piece will be shared on our social platforms, website, and email list.  Check out our social media pages below:

    • Instagram: 119K

    • Facebook: 285K

    • Pinterest: 4M monthly impressions

    • Thousands of email subscribers, thousands of monthly site visitors, millions of monthly impressions between platforms overall.

  • Entries will go through an editorial process when they are selected.  

  • No SPAMMY posts. No affiliate links.  

  • We prefer organic submissions not posted to any site. Please let us know if it's already published.

  • We talk to real moms about real-life situations. We prefer content like you're talking to your BFF.

  • Non paid. We may offer paid options for content creators in the future.

Submit your entries to  If you're using Gdrive to share, please don't forget to share it + allow us to edit. Please include your full name, a link to your site, social handles, and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ex: Hi, I'm Alyssa, I'm from ________. My blog is: www.(blog).com, I've got 3 children but I feel like I have 19, and I have survived on jelly beans for the past 43 hours.

We can't wait to hear from you!  

Mom blog collaboration opportunity
Mom blog collaboration opportunity
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