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What?! These Child Models Earn More Than You

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Posted on February 15 2017

Forget Tyra Banks or Miranda Kerr, we mommas prefer looking at adorable child models! C’mon, we get to see how stinking cute (or handsome) they are PLUS, we get inspiration to make our babies even cuter? Oh yeah, that sounds perfect! There’s even the added perk that we might get some retail therapy.. Like that Gap dress the gorgeous lil girl model was wearing? Or that Chanel jacket? 😍

If you’re interested in getting your child into modeling, Denise wrote an article on the typical rates that a child model receives which is an average of $125.00 to $150.00 per hour! Woahhh, now I’m interested too! Sign me up as a child model right now! 🤚

If you’re going oolala at the above rate, the next few child models are gonna make your wallet jump!


  1. Kristina Pimenova – Known as the Most Beautiful Girl in the world, she is said to earn millions of dollars per year.




  1. Hudson Kroenig – Earnings are not shared but said to be one of the highest earning child models due to his fashion heritage. He’s the son of a Chanel model and godson of Karl Lagerfeld, head designer of Chanel.





  1. Ekaterina Samsonov – At least $50,000 per year, seen on Gap, H&M, DKNY, Nutella TV and started acting in films.


  1. Baylor and Hudson Cryder – at least $45,000 each per year. They’re seen on H&M, Uniqlo, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew and more.




  1. Lily Chee- at least $22,000 per year. She has worked with Nike, Levi's, Kohls, Uniqlo and Ralph Lauren.





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