Finding your tribe in motherhood can be tough.  

But do you even breastfeed?

Is that organic?

And a babysitter? GIRL are you serious? You are her mother.

Take a deep breath and step back.

I get it.  

It feels like an extended episode of Mean Girls, but 15 years later.  

Why does it feel so nasty?

Why does it feel like so much pressure?

And judgment too?

Can't we all just get along? My mom would always say.

I don't even like scrolling the gram these days because it feels fake.

There is no possible way the majority of the planet has perfect lives.

More like perfectly curated lives...

As a mom of 5, I feel perfect like .05% of the week. That might amount to about an hour...

Life is hard, it's messy, it's emotional, and it's a constant question of character.  

I totally f*cking get it.

Recently, I started a group called "The Best Mom Life".

It's a private facebook group that caters towards women.  

We discuss topics like life, struggles, embarrassing moments, motherhood, business, how to not raise assholes, how to craft the perfect margarita, life after birth, crafting a life you f*cking love, and so much more.

This is about you.  

It's a place for you to connect with others who understand you.  

Who know you're more than just a mom.

Who can relate when you say 'I feel gross about myself and am struggling to get my mojo back.'  

Who can high five you when you say you were late to school because your child shit their pants on the way.

Or who knows how it feels to have to leave home for work every day, love your career, but still be ridden with mom guilt.

We get it.  

We get you. 

And we've got you.

Come join us, mama.

Show up as yourself and you can definitely sit with us. Join us here.



Owner | Lenny Lemons

Founder | The Best Mom Life