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    Lenny Lemons Blog — disciplining

    Mom Bi-Polarism + Discipling 101

    Mom Bi-Polarism + Discipling 101

    I am.  I've absolutely gotta be.  Mom Bipolar.

    I mean, one minute I'm sucking on their faces or trying to get them to pee in their pants laughing and the next I'm yelling like the place is on FIYA.  I know my neighbors think I've got the best lungs on the block.  Or they know for sure, ahhh what's the difference ;)

    I was recently watching a show called "The Americans".  I'm one of those people who doesn't allow myself to watch TV shows because if I like it, the kids are on their own until all the episodes that are available to watch have been seen.  It's happened twice already ;)  No kids have been harmed.  

    Anyways.  Back to the show.  I'm always in AWE of the parents.  They are always so calm, well... there's a lot more to tell, but in terms of dealing with each other and their kids, they practically NEVER raise their voices.  

    How in THEE?  I've tried that.  Maybe not for a prolonged period of time, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  3 boys screaming + laughing and one crazy wombat of a daughter running wild, nobody heard a peep of what I was saying.

    Back to yelling.

    Last week something funny happened though.  I was yelling the same ole thing over and over to my 5 year old son, I finally stopped, looked at him and said "Oooookay, never mind.  Don't do it."  Cool as a cucumber.    

    What did he do?  He lost his mind.  

    It was awesome.

    I felt like I was getting somewhere ;)

    You mean that was the key the whole time?!  

    But seriously.  When the tables turned one on one with him and I calmed down, he freaked out.  He's like "NOOOOO MOM!!  Why are you SO mad?!  I'll do it now!"  

    WHAT?  Mad NOW?  Am I missing something?

    I had to step into another room to let that simmer.  I figured it out!  Being calm and trying to corral the herd when they're all together doesn't work (in my house) but being calm and talking to them one on one just might work.  

    Well.  Fast forward to this week.  I've used that strategy a few times effectively.  But after my kids caught wind of it, they started doing it to one another.  DAMNIT.  Don't mock me... especially when it comes to a solution for fighting (and a million other things.)

    Back to square one.  

    And being bipolar ;)  I'd love to hear my kids description of me now that I'm thinking about it.

    I'm laughing at myself inside sometimes trying to figure this all out.  I mean, wouldn't that be sweet if you could mom it up with you best friends.  The kids would have nothing on us.  In fact, they'd probably be so weirded out that they'd behave.  

    I am seriously jealous if you're 'momming' with your BFF.  

    In the mean time.  Tell me about your home.  How do you discipline?  What works?  What sucks?  How much wine you consume daily?  All of this I must know.

    Over + out for now.

    Xo - Karin