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Our Top Pregnancy Resources for Expecting Mamas (2019 Edition)

Our Top Pregnancy Resources for Expecting Mamas (2019 Edition)

How did women survive pregnancy before Google?  Here is our complete guide to know what to expect during pregnancy 🤰🏻

Friends who made the leap into parenthood before you will have plenty of tips to share as well, but bear in mind no two pregnant women are exactly alike. That brutal morning sickness that kept Allison hugging a porcelain bowl for three months may never happen to you. Maddie’s gestational diabetes warnings may scare you into second guessing every meal you consume, and Devon’s constant reminder that she ran a half marathon while six months pregnant could leave you obsessing over whether or not your workout routine is up to par. (It may also leave you wanting to unfriend Devon. Take heart…when your hormones settle down, you MAY be able to tolerate her again.)

The bottom line is only you can navigate this pregnancy for yourself. This is not to say you are in at alone: your ob-gyn (obstetrics and gynecology) should be your primary source of information and advice, and with any luck you also have a supportive partner willing to learn how your body is changing, and what you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Deep diving into the pregnancy resources available on the information superhighway can be overwhelming to say the least, and it’s easy for those who are newly expecting to fall into an abyss. If it’s 3 a.m. and you’ve landed here with a tub of ice cream in hand and bags under your eyes because you’ve been at it all night, STOP. Bookmark this page. Go to bed, soon-to-be-mama. And come back with fresh eyes at a more civilized hour. Then you can review our best resources for expecting mothers and breathe easy over the fact that we have done some of the work for you!


If the number of times you have “omg”-ed in texts and emails to family and friends has risen considerably since you found out you were with child, have we got the book for you.

Pregnancy, OMG!: The First Ever Photographic Guide for Modern Mamas-to-Be is the expecting mother’s guide to keeping. that. shit. real.  Admit it: the idea of a photographic guide both scares and intrigues you, am I right? Nancy Redd tells it like it is in a book that is funny, informative, and honest. This will be one of your favorite resources during pregnancy, and you will likely find yourself passing a copy along – with dog-eared pages and notes in the margins – to the next of your friends to reach bun-in-the-oven status.

In the “you can’t go wrong with this” category, expectant mothers will benefit from the straightforward and authoritative Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy by Dr. Myra D. Wick, MD. Ph.D. The Mayo Clinic is essentially the gold standard of hospitals, so let’s just assume they know a thing or two about pregnancy there. Dr. Wick’s book is an outstanding guide to the changes you can expect in your body and is filled with useful information to answer your questions and quell your fears throughout your pregnancy.



Enter “pregnancy” in your search bar and the results will be in the millions….or billions. The web is full of everything from useful information to some very strange fetishes (ewww), so don’t get sucked into hours of wasted time. Search for more specific terms directed to your own personal needs, like a birth plan, medications, postpartum information, prenatal vitamins, etc. Have a look at the sites you’re getting your information from. Are they government resources? Are they praised and recommended by experts in the industry? For example, what is there stance on a safe labor and delivery? Focus on the sites that can give you the information you need, like these trusted sources:


While pregnancy is no excuse to break the bank (this tiny human may need college tuition after all!) it can certainly be fun to “treat yo self” during pregnancy, and some of these items will make a big difference to your overall comfort level as your body is put to the ultimate test.

Body pillow

Early on in your pregnancy, you may find yourself sleeping long and hard…perhaps better than you have in years. But trust us, this won’t be the case for long. Your rapidly expanding midsection will begin to make sleep uncomfortable (not to mention how often your bladder will interrupt your rest). Invest in a body pillow like the Snoogle. A funny name? Yes. A godsend for expectant mamas? Also yes!

Comfortable shoes

Go ahead and put those stilettos on the top shelf of the closet and let them collect a little dust because you won’t be needing them, sister. Do not underestimate what pregnancy will do to your feet! While you don’t have to sacrifice style entirely, you do need to give those barking dogs some relief as they swell.

No one packs more pizzazz in a flat than Rothy’s, and you can also pat yourself on the back for committing to an environmentally conscious choice: Rothy’s are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. So you not only look the part of a stylish mama-to-be, but you are contributing to a better and healthier environment for that baby on the way. What a win! 

Versatile Maternity Clothes

While you may be tempted to splurge on a new wardrobe, take it safe and take it slow. It’s best to start with some great, basic pieces that can be worn interchangeably. Treat yourself to one knockout maternity dress for special occasions (Nordstrom has you covered), and consider getting more bang for your buck by going the consignment route for everyday wear. ThredUp is a great resource for stylish and gently used maternity clothes that won’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts

Pregnant women need to focus on getting good, solid care. Check if your town has a women’s center or pregnancy resource center to steer you in the right direction. If you weren’t expecting that positive pregnancy test, your doctor, or the amazing people at Planned Parenthood, are great people to talk to first. Plus, ask your friends and family! Resources and referrals from your loved ones will help get you the support you need.

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