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I Am Not Sad (At All) That My Kids Are Back In School 👯

I Am Not Sad (At All) That My Kids Are Back In School 👯

I love you kids, but it's time to go back to school.  

Summer began with great intentions. Family bonding, trips, a loose schedule, barbecues, and more.  

This is going to be fantastic, I thought.

I was going to be mom of the year this summer. There was nothing that was going to stop us. In my mind I was gearing up to be ingrained in their memory banks for a lifetime.

My mom is the f*cking best, they'd say looking back at this childhood summer when they're 35 years old. They'd tell their spouses and children about me.

Yea, that's right. Sticking in there like glue.

Legendary shit.

Ahh, sweet summertime memories.

To set us up properly for the epic summer ahead, I kept them out of sports, activities, and all the usual things that kept our schedules high and tight. It always feels like there is no time for anything else, so change it we did.

Responsibilities be gone.

It made sense... at the time...

This week school started back up. All 5 of my children officially have a school this year so nobody is left him with me during the day.  

Pausing for a moment of silence 😭

Our legendary summer had some perks, but school couldn't come fast enough.

Two weeks into summer I found myself saying WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?!  

Can we still sign up for sports? There's gotta be some activity they can do during the day?! Surely they can get jobs then, right? Who doesn't legally hire 11-year-olds? Okay, so 8 and under is out of the question too?  



WTF are we going to do all day?

The fighting began with the sunrise and ended when the kids were fully asleep. That left about 8 hours of peace and I was exhausted.  

The biggest problem with the kids fighting is my own inconsistency. We have rules  and we never budge is what I tell myself. 

Well, except if it's inconvenient. I totally budge. I give in for my own sanity, which only seems to lead to more insanity later.  

It wasn't just the fighting, it was trying to wrangle the troops and get everybody excited about the same adventures. It was not having a schedule to point to and say HERE, this is what needs to be done. It was the thought in my head of the f*cking Brady Bunch and my damn legendary wannabe cape-wearing expectations. 

Send help.  

Or tequila.  

I am not sad they're back in school, for the love of God just give me my schedule back.

Teachers, I am so grateful for you. Here's the baton, take it and run fast. I'm saving my cape for another time.  

Brunch anyone?

PS:  Mama, if you need a tribe, a place to vent, or some belly laughs?  Join our tribe, the best mom life here.

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