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I'm a Mom Now and I Owe My Mother a Thank You

I'm a Mom Now and I Owe My Mother a Thank You

Dear Mom,

Thank you for everything you do and everything you have always done.

You've done a million things that have gone unnoticed, but now that I'm a mom, I get it.

I admire you so much.

You were strong, loving, selfless, and supportive.

You sacrificed so much so my siblings and I could have a good life.

So we could grow up into good people.

Have jobs.

Maybe a family of our own.

You'd sacrifice your body to create us.

You would sacrifice sleep to make us meals so we could be strong.

You'd sacrifice your time to help us with homework, getting us to sports, or making sure everybody's needs we met.

You'd defend us when we were unfairly punished.

You'd discipline us when we went off course.

You'd counsel us when we needed support.

You'd share your lessons with us in hopes we could avoid them ourselves.

You were our constant symbol of love and safety.

We just thought it was normal, that all moms were like this.

We got lucky with you mama bear.

Today we are all grown up.  

You don't have to make our lunches anymore, help with homework, or shuttle us to practice.

You no longer have to talk to our teachers or give us a curfew and hide behind the door to scare us when we try to sneak in late.

You have an emptier house now without the chaos of raising young kids.

But you are still my mom, a consistent symbol of love and somebody I admire more than anybody.

I try to be just like you.

You are funny, wise, and grounded.

I see it now.

I remember all the holidays, family trips, fun, and excitement when I was a child and I try my hardest to pass it along to my kids.

I sometimes wonder how you did it.

How did you stay sane raising us? How did you do it so well?

You made it seem easy.

I struggle with parts of motherhood and am grateful to be able to call you when I need a hug from afar or a few words of encouragement.  

I hope I do as well with my kids as you did with us.  

I hope they look back at their childhood with a smile and remember what I remember from mine.  

I fear they'll remember all my yelling and stress.

I always look to you for help and appreciate your loving reminders that I too, am doing a good job.  

I've gotten the best teacher I could have asked for.

Thank you for everything you've done.  

I see it a lot more clearly now.  

You superhero, you.


Your daughter

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