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Stop Calling Me a Terrible Mom Because I Don't Breastfeed

Stop Calling Me a Terrible Mom Because I Don't Breastfeed

The second you see 2 lines on a stick, everyone and their mother has an opinion of how you should live your life.

Breastfeeding is definitely one of the most discussed topics when it comes to motherhood.

I feed my son Will formula and guess what? He’s alive! And doing pretty well actually.

In addition to being the worst pregnant person on the planet, I was also a misery postpartum. I never planned on breastfeeding very long. I had to travel right after baby. I was in a wedding 6 weeks after baby and 11 weeks after baby (yes I left him that early on with my parents, don’t judge).

It was hard enough leaving him then, I knew if I was nursing it would be even more difficult. Aside from the traveling I faced, I just never saw myself being a mom that would whip out my F cups in the middle of a mall. If I decided to ever go to a mall.

Right after I had the baby I developed an infection from my c section, I also had an allergic reaction the cleanser they used to prep me for surgery, Chloraprep. I had an unbearable rash.

I had to go on antibiotics for the infection and steroids for the rash, which I begged for. Being itchy is the worst torture ever. It was a very sexy time.

I was essentially only producing milk out of my right boob for some reason since I had Will, and once I went on the steroids my supply dried up. So I pumped for 5.5 weeks and then I was done.

From day one Will had formula in the evenings. When I was in the hospital I wanted to sleep at night, I had enough problems.

When we came home from the hospital, I was lucky enough to have a baby nurse, Juliet. She was incredible.  By giving him formula at night, I only had to wake up once to pump and I didn't have to feed him myself.

I also found pumping easier for me. Since my right boob produced so much more than my left I knew exactly how much my little guy would be getting and didn’t have to suffer through any frustration when he realized my right boobie had nada.

My right breast actually leaked while I was still pregnant.  Oh, the joys of motherhood!

 Anyone who says they love being pregnant is either lying or delusional.

We had Will on Enfamil Newborn for a few weeks and it made him a little constipated. After a tearful night (from me and him) my pediatrician suggested giving him prune juice, which made him explode.

I took it upon myself to switch him to Enfamil Gentlease. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut. Your mushy, post-baby gut.

The moral of the story is. You do you! So many women feel pressure to continue breastfeeding even if they don’t feel it is for them. It is pretty awesome for losing weight. When I am angry at my scale I debate trying to squeeze some out (kidding).

I am super happy about giving my baby formula. He is growing like crazy and I don’t feel like my boobs run my life. Well, they are a large part of my life due to their size but that’s about it. I love that we can go anywhere and I can make a quick bottle and get him fed very quickly and efficiently.

If breastfeeding works for you, more power to you! If you are a formula mama, you’re equally awesome, don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.


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Tena Valentine - January 3, 2019

Why does everyone thing their way of doing things is the only way? Take care of yourself and don’t worry about others, what I am saying is “mind your own business”.

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